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Balloon Boy Busts Parents

10/16/2009 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Falcon Heene and his family were just on Larry King Live -- where he suggested his family set up the entire "boy trapped in a flying balloon" story, saying "You guys said that we did this for the show."

His father responded by saying "Man," his mom adding "No."

Wolf Blitzer didn't hear what the boy said and moved on to the next question.

The family appeared on the ABC show "Wife Swap" back in March.


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sad when it looks like the family are the newest reality TV wannabe junkies

first agreeing to do Wife Swap

and now these hi-jinks

the dad on the Today show looked fake-crying at times and then totally switched to his old self for another question

I'm thinking BUSTED!!!

the medial outlets need to ignore this family and not give them the attention and focus that they are so desperately seeking

1812 days ago

They were in it for the money    

#153, the only difference is the real Yoko does have a lot of brains.
Anyone else in here get the feeling this guy is close to going off on that little boy-Bet thats why the kid is sick. Now the family makes money to go on to TV again, $25,0000 for GMA. Man, I need to think up a dumb chit story and make money too.
What a fartbuster this idiot is!

1812 days ago


I wasted an hour at work yesterday watching this when I could have been surfing the net for shoes instead.

1812 days ago


I'm concerned this wingnut is an abusive father - his 'bouts of anger' described between the wife-swap shows and the video of the 'lift-off' show him cursing and kicking something - which all play to Falcon hiding from his father, unless he was told to go hide because "we did this for the show".

This father really needs to be investigated by child welfare authorities.

1812 days ago


Freakin liars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1812 days ago


It doesn't get more obvious than this. Falcon clearly understood the question, but hesitated when it was asked by the interviewer. He looked to his parents and waited for his cue. When the parents reiterated the question, then he answered truthfully--directly TO the parents. The parents re-asking the question tripped him up; he thought they were being sincere. He answered it in a tone that said, "DUUUH. Did YOU forget why I sat in that damn box for hours while you screamed for me?"

What really concerns me is how "sick" Falcon was in the next interview, with Meredith Vieira. Again--I don't think it can be any more obvious that they gave him a drug to make him drowsy and nauseaus. They wanted to shut him up, but wanted to bask in the remainder of their 15 minutes.

1812 days ago


Even if it was not a publicity stunt, isn't there something else to talk about than a boy who's now been found and didn't get hurt.

You don't hear people talking about a 14 car pileup on the freeway for days (and some of those people did die, or were trapped under cars for hours). How does a missing boy get more publicity than several people in real danger or dying?

1812 days ago


I just heard the sheriff on the news say that the family will be interviewed again, and that Child Protective Services will start an investigation after that.

1812 days ago


I don't believe the little boy was talking about his parents when he said "You guys said, that we did this for a show." He wasn't thinking about the question asked. He was thinking about why they were being interviewed. After all, it was all over the news that it could be a hoax or show. why is that so hard to understand. Shame on the media!

1811 days ago


I wonder if they drugged him and thats why he threw up?????????? They are crazy enough to make up stories I wouldn't put it past them

1811 days ago

A Person    

This family is so desperate for media attention it's not even funny.

Next thing you know the wife will get a makeover from CNN complete with a Kate Gosselin backwards-mullet.

The father will start to date other women, and they will divorce.

Just to get on the cover of People magazine.

1811 days ago

hoping he gets the max    

well, they wanted attention, now they got it...negative attention!

1811 days ago

Countess Rain83    

dude those kids and the wife show behavior of being abused...theyre all nervous looking, and quiet, and looking like theyre gunna be scolded for doing anything.
kids that age are usually happy and hyper...

1806 days ago


I read some where that they had someone checking out the body language of the father, and they didn't think he was lying....and they are supposed to be could see it in his face, along with the fake crying when he found out his son was safe. He is a nut job. I saw that episode of Wipe Swap, and he aggravated me more than any of the other husbands ever did. I feel sorry for his wife and kids!

1803 days ago


I doubt if he busted his parents out of any sense of what is right and what is wrong. I'll bet he only did it for the publicity they knew it would get them. They are all just a sad pitiful family who love to be in the limelight.

1778 days ago
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