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Balloon Boy Busts Parents

10/16/2009 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Falcon Heene and his family were just on Larry King Live -- where he suggested his family set up the entire "boy trapped in a flying balloon" story, saying "You guys said that we did this for the show."

His father responded by saying "Man," his mom adding "No."

Wolf Blitzer didn't hear what the boy said and moved on to the next question.

The family appeared on the ABC show "Wife Swap" back in March.


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this was the worst interview I've every heard. the hole thing was stageed. he couldn't even say things right, the auth, should charge the parents. you have to really stupied to believe there story.

1833 days ago


The cops were investigating what they ALWAYS investigate: the inside of a doughnut box.

1833 days ago


LOL! So busted!

1833 days ago


come on! This kid is obviously smarter than the parents... His dad couldn't even put together a sentence! If you're gonna pull a prank on the world, don't trust a 6 year old with your secret.

1833 days ago


Wow, cant believe I heard the dad say he always hides when I tell him no. Did you see the wife swap? Those parents do not say no to their kids. The wife said it was to limiting. As soon as they said who it was I thought OMG. And btw how would a tiny six year old boy get in an attic over a garage by himself? Dont those have like pull down ladders? He never could have pulled it up by himself. The father is abusive, insane, and appeared to be Bi-Polar. The kids are homeschooled but not like reading and writing just of weather stuff. And who would take kids storm chasing. Maybe we need a new law..."Must have half a brain to conceive children." This family together isnt sharing half a brain.

1833 days ago


Boy cried wolf, the parents should pay for this stupid sherade... They are TV whores!!!

1833 days ago


This is one cracked out family. The parents sound like complete idiots. The dad and his stupid candy at the store story and the mom saying they searched for the boy "even in small drawers" What the hell?! why the hell are you looking for a 6 year old boy in a damn drawer for? Are you really that damn stupid. I hope they get charged for filing a false police report and wasting taxpayers time and money.

1833 days ago


BAHAHAHAHAHA! I am so glad this kid ratted them out...and then farted! This made my day so much better! I had been complaining about skimping out on a much needed nap-only to find an empty balloon...but this made it all worth while! Thanks!

1833 days ago


*just shaking my head*....but in this day and age...not suprised...what a couple of losers...poor kids

1833 days ago


This stuff gets me so mad. These parents are going to make all this money off of setting up a scam. They should be prosecuted and be made to pay for all the time the police wasted on this fake scheme.

1833 days ago


Those fugly kids look like dad gum aliens!!!

1833 days ago


I knew it was a hoax before the balloon landed. Why would his brothers video-tape the kid getting into the balloon? And why didn't we see the kid hanging from the balloon? DUH!

1833 days ago


Those A$$holes! Like many people around the world today, I was so scared and praying that the child would be ok and now I'm really mad. They played with everyone's emotions today and didn't care about anyone but themselves. What if one of the rescuers has gotten hurt on this wild goose chase! I hope they get prosecuted and NEVER get on TV again.

1833 days ago

They were in it for the money    

Let's see that video the other boy took of Falcon Flyer getting into the balloon, going up into the air. Never mind-knew the dad couldn't provide it, it was erased, I know...I know....The Eagle had Landed and The Falcon got Payback BIG TIME-Wonder what he would like for Christmas? hee hee hee

1833 days ago


Listen closely after the Dad say's "man" and you can hear someone fart. That is the funniest thing!

1833 days ago
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