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Lindsay Lohan -- Justice Delayed is Sweet Justice

10/16/2009 2:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's hard to imagine wanting an extra year of probation, but when you're Lindsay Lohan -- and facing possible jail time -- it's actually a good thing.

Lindsay Lohan

A judge today decided to extend Lindsay's probation another year so she can finish her alcohol education classes. Her lawyer, the effervescent Shawn Chapman Holley, told the judge Lindsay has been extremely busy and has only been able to complete about half her classes.

Specifically, Lindsay has completed 15 of 26 individual alcohol classes and 13 of 26 group alcohol classes and 13 of 28 self-help sessions. She completed all six education classes.

Lindsay LohanLindsay's lawyer says her client is doing a movie in Texas.

The prosecutor said if the court has to jump through hoops again to accommodate Lindsay, jail is the only answer.

All sides will be back in court for another progress hearing on December 15.


No Avatar


Just hurry up and overdose already, loser.

1832 days ago


Extremely busy partying!

1832 days ago


are you serious? she cant act, sing, or do anything!!!! give me a break, already!

1832 days ago

whats up Doctors    

What part of Texas is she coming too. I really ,really want to know.

1832 days ago

dr fred    

ok, years ago I was illegally arrested in OC ,my alleged crime

looking like a hooker, although I can assure you I was demurely dressed eating lunch...

the cop was drunk. I have a professional career & nothing else evver in my life..

it cost me thousands to defend myself & they insisted on jail time although there was nothing other than a drunk cop's personal opinion.

I was forced to give up due to cost & risk of a full year in jail.. I completed all requirements within 1 month ...I wanted to put the mess behind me..

So why can't this person that has much disrepect & plenty of $$$ & opportunity?

I have Zero sympathy

1832 days ago


She disgusts me. My son had a probation violation for missing a few of his AA meetings and got 30 days in the county jail yesterday. He's 19 and has made stupid choices but because he's not rich and from Hollywood, he goes to jail with hardened criminals. Lindsay Lohan is a train wreck and spoiled rich kid. She deserves jail time for her violations!

1832 days ago

ralphie the one-eyed    

Why Lindsay Lohan did not finish her - classes -

… I was late
… I was somewhere else
… I was trying to find my career.
… The city bus was not on schedule
… My priorities in life did not match his Honors decree.
… I just -hick up - felt like it . -hick up -
… I got me some of that H1N1, if you know what I mean.
… I was diagnosed with an incurable drinking problem, and did not want to waste the group’s time.

And finally…
I’m sorry. I’m sorry I’m sorry

1832 days ago


yikes! did you see the heavy bags under her eyes near the end!?!?
Poor thing. Looks as old as her mommy :( She needs to get healthy!

1832 days ago


I can't stand her

1832 days ago


She use to be so beautiful and now she looks wasted. Seriously it's so sad. Jail time might have done her some good.

1832 days ago


Throw her in jail now!!! I hate that nasty little ginger coke head!

1832 days ago

Mary Worth    

Alcoholism is a fatal disease. If she quits now, she can live with the disease. But it's an ongoing thing, even so. There's no cure.
She can buy some time by quitting.

Already, she's looking middle-aged. That's because her organs are overworked processing her disease. And her brain is the organ that will be most damaged the way she's going.

If anyone wants intervention, pray for her. That way you can at least say you didn't stand by, or worse, encourage her to die!

1832 days ago


I'm suprised no one has mentioned the SIZE of this girl's pupils. All the pictures of her over the past week, she has been as HIGH as a kite.

1832 days ago


My Gawd she looks awful she looks at least twice her age. Where is her father? Oh yeah he is hanging with his new BF Jon.

1832 days ago


They should have drug tested her today. Her lowlife father is right on this one.

What the hell is wrong with this judge? The girl is on probation for TWO - get it TWO - DUI convictions.

1832 days ago
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