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Guy Claims He Helped Plan Balloon Boy Hoax

10/17/2009 8:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A man who claims he once worked for Richard Heene says Heene was obsessed with becoming famous, wanted to get his own show, and had an idea for a massive media stunt that involved a "weather balloon" that "resembles a UFO." Sound familiar?

Robert Thomas claims, in an interview with Gawker, that Heene believed such a stunt would "be the most significant UFO-related news event to take place since the Roswell Crash of 1947."

Thomas said Heene was "driven by ego and fame" after appearing on "Wife Swap." He says Heene's idea for a show was something like "'MythBusters'-meets-mad scientist."

Thomas says he worked for Heene from March through May 2009.

Thomas came out earlier in the day saying he had proof the entire incident was a hoax and wanted to be paid for it. Gawker openly admits they did in fact pay Thomas.


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ha.. how could the kids be home schooled??? i've seen homeless people on the streets of Vietnam speak better english than the mother. send her back to whatever hut she came from.

1770 days ago

Fred Farkel    


If you sign off and just go to bed... maybe stay in bed for a day or 2... you have NO IDEA how much better off this situation will get.

Go lock yourself in the bathroom... take a shower... put on your jammies... crawl into bed... go to sleep.

Tomorrow is another day.

1770 days ago

too sad    

jon and lindsy blohan must be happy the limelight off them for 15 seconds.

as soon as balloon father pays for the rescue i am out of here.
if any show comes from it i will boycott the station for life .
i am thinking of giving up tv for good anyways .

1770 days ago

Balloon Dude    

The story changes with every interview. Next he will say big foot came into his yard, wrestled him and accidentally untethered the balloon.

Excuse me while i call 911 to report my boy being taken by King Kong. I got my suggestion box ready, press conference at 10 PM ET/ 7PM PST

1770 days ago

A Person    

71. join this group

Posted at 8:54PM on Oct 17th 2009 by heather

Heather you are a sad, sad bitch. It's not the kid's fault his father is a dumbass. And yet in your group you blame the kid. I hope your dumbass floats away in a balloon and you don't come back.

1770 days ago


to "a person",

can you read or did you just make an assumption?

1770 days ago


Richard Heene is very cute. He's a good-looking guy. He could have the fame (AND MONEY) he seeks. If I were his personal manager and media advisor, I would tell him that he does not need an aluminum foil balloon, a reality show or his family in order to get some attention and cash.
He should strip. Leave the wife and kids out of all this. And just strip. Take off your clothes. To music if you want. Call Playgirl. I am sure they'd LOVE to see you. "Balloon Dad Rises!" or some such spread title. You CAN have the fame and pay your bills and show America that you got something to offer.
You just may have to do it with your pants off.
Do a nude "Science Dad" spread. I am sure that many sites would PAY to see that.
Always glad to help. :O)

1770 days ago


Ever wonder why people are such Stupid A*Holes?

Well, only a Stupid woman like that would breed with an A*Hole like this guy.

... and Voila!

Humans have genetically become more stupid and more a*hole. Multiply by millions, and you start to see why everything is going to he11.

By the way, I blame her, mostly. I mean, this guy doesn't HIDE the fact that he's an A*Hole. She's just too stupid to know it.

Quite a pair.

And the WORST kids I've ever seen. Hopefully, they'll top this stunt by burning their house down while they're all still inside it.

1770 days ago



There was no reason to make fun of Richard's wife's nationality or race. We are hating on Richard for perpetrating a hoax that involved his innocent child. His wife being Asian has NOTHING to do with this story.

Shame on you. And you wonder why no one is joining your racist group?

1770 days ago

nicole leollee    

it'll all be over soon richard...when u realize all the fame in the world isnt going to create u a better's just going to make what u already have worse. so i guess you and your family should all hide in the attic until all us "FANS" find something or someone else to rip to shreds..
sooo... jamie kennedy whats he up to now, think he's puttin those condoms to good use? or what.

1770 days ago


Its Keaneu Reeves!!

1770 days ago


Isn't it funny when the mother finally called 911 she stated it was a UFO.... Why, it is not...That is false info. I feel sorry for her being dominated by this man. Did you hear how he was screaming at them when the balloon was going up, a control freak. That is an indication on how he treats them. I can't imagine being imprisoned with all those kids and him all day what a horror and how unhealthy. How could a mother let her kids go storm chasing with him, he definetly wears the pants. Weird videos too.

1770 days ago

Gypsy Lee    

How are you going to pay your spokesperson, you stupid buttwhipe, with your monthly food stamp ration?

1770 days ago


spoke to TMZ staff......that is not Heene posting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1770 days ago


Richard...your a jerk! Nobody believes you, your a joke and a fake and really stupid.

1770 days ago
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