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TMZ Live -- Balloon, Mel and Manson Madness

10/20/2009 3:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Harvey, Mike, Max and Rick were on live today -- where they answered questions on the Heene family's past run-ins with the law, went on a random Charles Manson tangent and hit on Harvey's "pathetic" book sales.

Plus -- how our Mel Gibson DUI story is causing a giant first amendment controversy, a debate over "The Best Song Ever Written, Harvey says "Save the Pigs!" and breaking Khloe and Lamar news.


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Another Balloon Boy question:

Who did Heene call when the balloon took off? ie: FAA, 911, etc. AND in what order?

Suggestion and/or request: I like to read the TMZ website from the bottom to the top so I look up the last article I read and then go from there to the present top of the home page (and refresh the page to make sure I'm totally up to date). Please put the at the TOP and bottom of each website page or number the pages so I don't miss a whole slew of website info by skipping a page on the site. Thank you.

P.S. Please tell me Max's blond airhead surfer persona is an act.

1832 days ago


The comments section didn't print the "arrow to the left" newer posts and older posts "arrow to the right" in my request above. Probably a programming thing.

1832 days ago

Deirdre B Pride    

When will we see a Chris Brown mugshot. Everybody else's mugshot is accessible? Why not his?

1832 days ago


what's the update with Miley mocking Asains lawsuit?

1832 days ago


Come on guys-- why do you sit there and read questions and talk amongst yourselves as if a camera isn't rolling? Harvey leaves and Max is left with NO questions and told to talk and tell an interesting story! Like I really wanted to know his mom and grandma visited and he ate pork and chicken--geeez don't you have a better way of presenting TMZ Live????

1832 days ago


questions for tomorrow:

1. Whatever happened to that so called Michael Jackson "son" Prince Michael Malichi Jet Jackson?

2. Whatever happened to Billie Jean Jackson and the claim she was Blanket's daughter?

3. What happens when all these creditors file claims against the states? what is the process?

1832 days ago

Marc fromnova Scotia    

Top o' the morning, Harv!

I've gotta admit...very entertaining show! The staff's loose, unscripted chatter somehow makes me forget that you all earn a paycheque chasing celebrities around (sorry for the cheap shot, but that's basically what ya'll do for a living). Plus, I'm beginning to see your point: how can some of these celebs claim that they don't want the paps around when they constantly frequent the same press-infested clubs and restaurants?

One question: how do you feel about Access Hollywood's blatant rip-off of your show's premise with these new "Editor's Meeting" segments they've been showing this year? You know, the ones where the show's reporters are sitting in the senior editor's office supposedly hashing over the day's hottest celeb stories, with a Harvey-type character in the editor's chair. I guess imitation truly is the sincerest form of flattery.

Actually, I have another question: how long do you think it'll be before SNL does a sketch about your show? Andy Samberg would make a great Max, and you know Kenan Thompson is dying to play Nina.

Have a great day!

1831 days ago


The whole Danilynne story is so sad. If anyone is convicted of overmedicating her mother then they should also be responsible for the future difficulties that the daughter will go through. Learning Disabilities, Emotional and Behavioral issues are common to children born to using mothers. Everyone who enabled Anna Nicole during her pregnancy should be ashamed and held accountable.

1831 days ago


every one of your TMZ live episodes the big guy with the goatee jumps up and says "I have to do a live shot". What does that mean and where are these live shots shown?

1831 days ago


Why did you change the link at the bottom of the page from "Wait! There's more!" to "Older Posts"? I used to have a good laugh every time I got to the bottom of a it's so ho-hum. Bring back "wait!"

1831 days ago

Patty Farrell    

What happened to your sight? It is so small that I can't read the news. I checked and there is nothing wrong with my computer. The sight seems to be frozen in this small mode. All the other sights are fine. Let me know what the problem happens to be. Thank you

1831 days ago


Is there any common sense reason why Jon Gosselin would hire a lawyer who not only is not licensed to practice in PA but lives on the other side of the country.

1831 days ago


Hi Harvey, we all know that Michael Jackson had a amazing voice and was the best dancer, what I want to know is this. Did Michael Jackson ever play any instruments? I think I saw him in one video sitting at a Piano, but dont remember him playing anything. Thanks

1831 days ago


Any sense whether the balloon bunch has any money to pay restitution?

1831 days ago


Is Reggie Miller still "texting" Ali Kay? Seems strange that Alex would still be going after Reggie if they were not still talking.

1831 days ago
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