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Dr. Dre Prescribes F-Bomb to Rush Limbaugh

10/24/2009 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It appears Dr. Dre isn't exactly a "Dittohead" -- 'cause when we asked the rap icon how he felt about the drama between Rush and the NFL, Dre had four simple words: "Man ... f**k Rush Limbaugh."

Dr. Dre

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Knock It Off    

The nick name for Rush Limbaugh is Blush Butter Ball. A little fat guy with a small penis.

1794 days ago


Man,F**k Dr.Dre!

1794 days ago


Andre and NWA started the whole Gangster Rap crap thats effed so many kids up and dumb adults and brought about the new minstrelsy in African American culture in the last 15-20 years right?

Both can go to hell.

1794 days ago

Knock It Off    

Hey Dr. Dre Cans yous reeds dis F#@* Off

1794 days ago


That was so incredibly sweet when Limbaugh got turned down to buy into the NFL. He is a racist and one of the most horrible fould men bred in the 20th century.

1794 days ago


LOL! Damn, the republicans are retarded. They come out in full force when there lil racist Rush is talked about by a black guy! Remember, the racist Republicans are some of the stupidest people alive, and should not be taken seriously. :) Have a nice day!

1794 days ago


"17. It is funny how quickly blacks can turn against a white person who has publicly been accused (without merit) of being a racist and actually feel like their attitude toward the situation is the appropriate one, but if it is suggested that a black public figure might be a bit racist towards whites, well that is just absurd. Am I the only one who sees a double standard here?

Posted at 2:46PM on Oct 24th 2009 by ray"

Which black public figure? The president? Oh, you mean the one who is half white and was raised by a white woman? You mean that one? Hmmmmm....No, I think hes okay with white people. Nice TRY though you racist white F*ck. Go watch your Fox "News".

1794 days ago


Grabble! Grabble! Grabble!

1794 days ago


Screw dre he ain't nothin never going to be nothin. Rush could buy and sale that BOY.

1794 days ago


Rush Limbaugh doesn't like Obama! He never said he hated black
people! How is he a racist? Furthermore, the Chairman for the
Republican party is Black! So is Steel a racist too, for being a
republican or not agreeing with Obama???????

I am not a huge Limbaugh fan, but calling someone a racist because he
has a different opinion is absurd!

1794 days ago

Pink Blonde    

What's comical to me is the fact that those rushing to defend the blowhard, he couldn't give a flying f**k about any of you. Baa..baa....nothing but a glorified sheep herder for those too lazy to think for themselves. Now go pop some pills and try to forget the mean things Dr. Dre said!

1794 days ago

Snarky One    

Who is Dr. Dre again? Oh, yeah....the guy who's snot rag was mentioned in a Weird Al song. lol

1794 days ago


Pink Blonde: what's comical is that you actually think you're different. You're just a another sheep that's being force fed what to think. You're just not smart enough to realize it.

1794 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

I agree with Dr. Dre - and would add that Rush is a big fat drug addict who should have gone to prison for having his maid forge prescriptions for Oxycontin.
Anyone who buys what Rush sells is an idiot.

1794 days ago


"35. Pink Blonde: what's comical is that you actually think you're different. You're just a another sheep that's being force fed what to think. You're just not smart enough to realize it.

Posted at 5:54PM on Oct 24th 2009 by You're a phony"

Force fed? Really? How was your last tea-party? Get a good scream out at your last town meeting? Join the "I Am The Mob" the other day? Ya, I thought so too. ;) Hows that Kool-aid taste at the ol' RepubliKKKan party?

1794 days ago
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