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Suspect Throws Burglar Bunch Under the Bus

10/24/2009 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of the suspects in the Hollywood Hills Burglar Bunch is already turning on her fellow suspects -- blaming everyone but herself for the celebrity stealing spree.

TMZ spoke with Alexis Neiers, aka Alexis Taylor, who wasted no time pointing her finger at suspect Nick Prugo saying, "I know for a fact Nick did all of these burglaries. He did every single burglary, he told me this after the police let him go. Nick is blaming people, trying to get the blame off himself."

Alexis then described the roles of the other four suspects, "Rachel Lee was his main accomplice and they brought Diana Tamayo into this. Diana, Nick and Rachel did the burglaries together. Roy Lopez was the one who sold the stuff they had taken ... and he's friends with Courtney Ames and that's why she was arrested."

Alexis finished up by explaining how she got caught up in the investigation, saying "The only reason they came to my house was because they thought I was holding property for Nick, they even searched my house and found nothing. I'm innocent in all of this and feel terrible for all the people who got robbed."


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1788 days ago



1788 days ago


This story is just boring!!!!!! TMZ, let it go!!!!!!!!!!

1788 days ago


Take that Hollywood!
I hope you have enjoyed your days in the sun; because, from now on, only the pitchest of black days and desolate nights shall take from you as you have from so many: your youth, your happiness, your innocence, your gifts, your hope, and finally-YOUR LIFE!
These modern day Robin Hoods shall all be found innocent and released to lash the backs of those who have trod upon the backs of such peasants as we, heros, every last one! Minstrals shall commisserate their accomplishments and sacrifices in epic poems and enamorating harmonic fuges.
Long live the Scarlet Purgonel and his Merry Band of Cohorts!

1788 days ago

Trucker Lemonade    

You cant trust them little yella Nips! They all crafty sneekin around with them little yella fingers stealin and robbin takin everthang thats not nailed down!

1788 days ago


I misspelled the Scarlet Prugonel's name (long may he reign!)
Forgive, oh annuls of time after these series of small victories against these tyrranus oppressors who have become some sort of alleged modern Royalty. Strike at their black hearts with needles filled with speedballs, beat them back with balloons of heroin, stone them to death with barrages of goofballs, line them up like so much cocaine powder and dismiss them with all the vehemence with which we ourselves have been dealt!
Okay, I got off topic again.
What cute young Asian chippie who lives in Las Vegas could be anything but completely innocent? It is this very innocence and an inherent predeliction for math that makes Las Vegas the most prevailent purveyors of Asian Massage only second to Los Angeles!
Exonerate her!

1788 days ago


Nobody really gives a crap. I don't even think that the people who were stolen from give a crap actually.

1788 days ago

Allen Ridak    

Nobody gives a crap that you think nobody gives a crap. Why bother? Moron!

1788 days ago


With friends like these...

1788 days ago


She not ugly. She'll be sex up regularly by her cellmates in prison.

1788 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Funny thing about sleeping with dogs.

You get fleas.

1788 days ago


Well. It seems the LAPD quickly collected all the main players.

Maybe Lindsay Lohan should think about what regular association with cocaine dealers and meth heads brings to her door (or in through her windows).

Of course Lindsay doesn't think of anything but her next high.

1788 days ago


Put all these RATS in jail until they rot to death. Several years behind bars will make them squirm.


Nasty foul vermin.

1788 days ago

Leno sucks, Conan rocks    

I would like to have sexual intercourse with Alexis Neires, aka Alexis Taylor.

1788 days ago

homie 1 kanobe    

Alexis, You see the way you are Ratting out your friends names, That's how they got yours,Every Rat for them self. The Police love it.Celeb's getaway with everything, but this time they were robbed, So this is where the Celeb's will feed on the Rats.

1788 days ago
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