Dr. Rey's Place -- On the Burglar Bunch's Hit List

10/26/2009 2:00 AM PDT
The L.A. home of Dr. 90210 -- aka Dr. Rey -- was also pinpointed on the computer seized from suspect Nick Prugo ... but lucky for the good doc, his place was never pilfered.

The yellow thumbtack graphic seen piercing the roof of Dr. Rey's L.A. pad was placed there by someone using the computer -- and judging by the thumbtack that marked burglary victim Orlando Bloom's house ... Dr. Rey may have gotten lucky.

Granted, Dr. Rey is a self-proclaimed black belt ... so his mad skills for whoopin' ass could have scared any potential burglars away.

Rey's wife tells us: "My body is shaking all over. It's so scary! Thank goodness they were caught ... I will have to add extra locks to our doors ... It's very scary that it is so easy to find where people live online."