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Shauna Sand Pulls Out of Sex Tape Battle

10/26/2009 1:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shauna Sand Nothing can stop Shauna Sand's sex tape from hitting the shelves now -- and it's all because Shauna has finally given the XXX flick her Lucite stamp of approval.

Steven Hirsch, the co-chairman of Vivid Entertainment, brought in a handwriting expert to prove Shauna had in fact signed off on the tape -- and after meeting with her on Thursday, he says she's withdrawn the cease and desist letter her lawyer sent Vivid earlier this month.

Hirsch says Shauna's reason for withdrawing the letter was because a lawsuit could prove "long and expensive." Riiiiiiiight.


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i guess their honor is at stake?????

1803 days ago

Lenn K.    

A ho's got to do what a ho's got to do.

1803 days ago


I would think I'll be one of the worst selling "celeb" sex tapes. I disagree with FiBiker. No one wants to see this STD ridden barbie doll getting banged.

1803 days ago



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1802 days ago


# 14 is right. Porn is dehuminizing, and only shows how to desensitize yourself while masterbating. Erotica should show the affection and feelings between people during the act of love.

I can't imagine someone as phony and mercenary as Shauna Sand could possibly be any good in the sack. She appears interested only in her own appearance and popularity.

The poster above is correct in saying sex with a plastic blow-up doll would be more fun.

What a beast!

1802 days ago


what an ugly skank!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ughhhh nobody want to see her flat ass in a porno!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gross

1802 days ago


ugly face, BUT great body and nice big meat curtains. Cant wait to watch.

1802 days ago


Okay, at this point, who doesn't have a sex tape?

Whay would one need to film themselves having sex? Seriously, can one explain this this to me? Do you sit around at Christmas years later with it playing in the background during the gift opening?

Then its the- well we made it for us. Yeah.....and then you break up and he has this tape to blackmail you with.

Ladies, if you find out he filmed you in secret, act like you thought it was a great idea, get your hands on it, and get rid of it.

Now, if you filmed it thinking you are a porn star and regret it, get rid of it. I just don't get it. Is it a I'm-the-greatest-sex-kitten-and-here-is-the-proof thing?

Making a sex tape is not a good idea, EVER. I don't even own a camera!

Some things are private. Very private.

1802 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Slut, tramp, whore, she does any thing to get her 2 minutes of "fame". I feel sorry for her children imagine going to school with every one knowing your mom is getting banged for the world to see. Llamas needs to growm a pair and remove those kids from that slutty enviroment.

1802 days ago


I'm shocked—shocked—that this sex tape is being released! Shauna seems like such a church-going type of gal. I'm sure since it was professionally produced, it must come as a real surprise to here that it is going to be for sale. Kim K made $5 million on her tape.

1802 days ago


How much did the lucite step-son sleepimg prostitute make off of this....frigging whore!

1802 days ago


Time for Lamas to man up and take those kids from her. She's got no business having those kids. Seen the tape, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee a blow up doll could perform better.

1802 days ago

Cest Moi    

This slut isn't the first to film herself. And c'mon, we ALL knew it was bs that she was "outraged". But take her kids away? A bit harsh. Sex is what makes the world go around, and none of us would be here it it hadn't. Will the kids be mortified when they find out? YES. But hey! What will the children of Madonna, Pamela Anderson, Anna Nicole's (RIP, )Paris' (when she has some, et al say about THEM? ?

Its extremely poor taste, yes. Its a pathetic attempt to make money, yes. Her children will be affected, yes. But how many no-name people out there, street workers, etc, have kids? Let's not pretend to be more morally outraged at this, just because she is a Z list celebrity.

Once a ho, always a ho. Shrug shoulders and move on (and let's top talking about her now)

1802 days ago


i bet her vajayjay is as plastic as her face and boobs

1802 days ago


eeewww!!! wouldnt wana see her anyway!!! rather sit here and drink my chrome soda!

1802 days ago
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