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Lindsay's Dad Makes Desperate Plea -- to Maury?

10/27/2009 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Once again proving how out of touch he is with his daughter, Michael Lohan went on the Maury Povich show today and delivered a televised message to LiLo in which he insulted her ... and then promised to "save her life."

Michael Lohan: Click to watch
First Mike called Lindsay a "hollow person" ... then claimed there was "nothing left in her" -- and finally said he "couldn't even look at her."

Then, after the dramatic plea, Michael actually had the stones to say, "I hate to speak out publicly like this..."


FYI -- Today's show was called "You're 14 ... Stop Lap Dancing and Trying to Get Pregnant."

Stay classy, Michael.


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La la la la.

1820 days ago


Ummm..this story isnt new. He did this awhile ago.

1820 days ago



1820 days ago

Trooper Tom    

OK stop giving this loser air time he is famous for nothing and that includes being Lindsay's father, he's just another tool who won't go away

1820 days ago


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1820 days ago


As much as I detest Michael Lohan and his antics I have to agree with him this time. If, Lindsay doesn't change her life he will indeed sadly be burying her. Her Mom should put her energy into helping Lindsay not hating Michael.

1820 days ago


Who cares?!

Lindsay Lohan...who is she anyway? blah blah.

1820 days ago

for now    

in 2007,Dina was named Mother Of The Year.

Some people can't handle the Lohan family's fame and fortune.

1820 days ago


I always hated Lindsay! I thought she was an ok actress and certainly ugly, with her freckles and nastiness! NOW, with her parents exposing their ruthlessness, I actually feel sorry for her now!

1820 days ago


JAZ, I must agree with you. Look at his eyes....they look just like Jon's (His new BFF) did. They both should be drug tested. I do however think LL needs to get her sh*t together and SOON! Her Friends (and not her family) need to do an intervention!

1820 days ago


Yeah I always speak out publicly when my children have issues too! Hey dumbass, why not speak OUT about your out of control ALI that looks like an ugly 45 year old man!?

1820 days ago


this guys is a serious freak show!!

1820 days ago


What a pathetic man. He's rather stalker like.

1820 days ago


This guy is completely scary. She needs to get a protection order and stay away from him. She needs recovery and this loser will only hurt her.

1820 days ago


Well I think it would be "weird" if a parent didn't want to help their child in a situation like this. It's the people that are around her now and not helping her that's the problem. I too would go to any lengths to reach out.

1820 days ago
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