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Brett Favre Got Extra Protection in Green Bay

11/2/2009 4:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brett Favre used to be the king of Green Bay -- before he signed with the Packers' arch rivals -- now the legendary quarterback is using extra security just to get around the bitter town he left.

TMZ has learned the Minnesota Vikings beefed up their security for Favre's super-hyped up return to Lambeau Field yesterday -- even providing a special team of private security officers "specifically assigned" to protect Brett.

We spoke with a Vikings spokesperson who told us, "I can confirm that we did have extra security in place throughout the trip, including at the hotel Saturday night and at the stadium yesterday.

Taking the necessary precautions to protect our players on any road trip is always a priority of the team, and this situation was no exception.

Translation: A lot of people don't like Brett in Green Bay -- the city he played in for 16 years.

The Vikes protected Favre on the field too -- Brett threw 4 TDs as the Vikes crushed the Pack 38-26.

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How soon the Packer people forget that he did not want to retire, it was THEIR organization that put him on a back burner. He still has it and now they are all pissed because he chose to keep playing and then went to the Vikings. I say, good for him. And obviously he showed all of them yesterday that he still has it. Just too bad he was treated so poorly by his "fans" when it wasn't him that caused all of it.

1785 days ago


Yes, the Packer organization did put Brett out to pasture. Could Brett had dilly dallied less at the end of each season on whether he was going to retire, yes, but the fact is, Brett Favre was acquired by then general manager Ron Wolf, who gave us a Superbowl winning team. When the now so called general manager came on, he recruited our current quarterback and Brett was the only one remaining from the Ron Wolf era. Yes, I'm sure Favre has a bit of an ego, but so does Ted Thompson and it is obvious that Ted Thompson wanted Brett out of there so he could get the guy he recruited in at the helm and Ted Thompson could call it his team. So are you happy now Ted Thompson with your team???

1785 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

To #38- the green bay fans do not like traders...

Thanks for proving to Vikings fans once again that we are the SMARTER fans.

It's "TRAITOR", not trader.

Thanks for the chuckle.

1785 days ago


do you people really think farve cares what you think

1785 days ago


not true.. most of us love him here, he brought us 16 years of greatness, and they made a big mistake getting rid of him, they didn't want HIM.

1785 days ago


I've lived in Minnesota my whole life and am a die hard Viking fan. Once again..Wisconsin proved that they are a bunch of hillbillies! How disrepectful can you get? BF gave you the best 16 years of his life and you boo him? You wouldn't even be on the map if it wasn't for him! Yes, the Vikes don't have the best track record, BUT Brett will take us to the Superbowl this year!! Boo him all you want,we got him and we LOVE him! We'll show him the respect he deserves!! And yes, he does have a REAL home now.....MINNESOTA!

1784 days ago


are you f@$%ing kidding me? "Crushed the Packers 38-26." A 12 point victory is hardly a "crushing." Watch some footbal and maybe youll know what I'm talking about ... coming from a Denver Broncos fan.

1784 days ago


Green Bay is a very unique city. It has a population of around 100,000 people, which is the smallest city any professional sports team occupies. The people of Green Bay are very passionate about their Packers and yes it is their team, the only team not owned by some rich a$$hole). What Brett did when going to play for minnesota was crap on all of those fans who supported him for 16 years. Supported him through a hundred games when the Packers are in the red zone with the game on the line only to have Brett throw an interception. Supported him through the five yars of indecision of weather toplay or not. Supported him through drug addiction and alcohol abuse, and didn't tell the NFL he was out drinking while he was on probation. You don't go to the enemy and then expect a hero's welcome from the fans you just crapped on.

1784 days ago


dOh by the way, other than "BOO's" there were no other incidents. Green Bay did not hire extra security, minnesota did. Green Bay has the greatest fan base in the country. I have seen Green Bay fans in different stadiums thoughout the league get treated like crap (especially Chicago where there is always reports of violence against the opposing teams fans). If you watched the pre game of the Green Bay Minnesota game yo8u saw Packers fans and vikings fans standing and drinking together. No where else is this a common site.

1784 days ago

HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!2 FUNNY    

TMZ last week there was a REPORT ABUSE on the section where some could comment on YOUR costumes, so please let YOUR READERS know why REPORT ABUSE is not in all sections. How could TMZ allow the 2nd comment? "scott" had the 1st&2nd comments..
9 times out of 10 there's going to be an "off the wall" statement about color of skin !!!!!!

1784 days ago


I think it is a shame how everone eats thie Brett Farve crap!!!! Common people the guy 'Re-tired' twice!! GB did the right thing by kicking him to the curb-- A-Rod will come a long just fine! Just remmeber Minnesota fans..the Packers never had to buy a Superbowl!!! :)

1784 days ago


Well, you can OBVIOUSLY tell from the comments who is from Wisconsin and who is from MN. We are THRILLED to have Bret here in MN.... he is an awesome player and a great leader to our Vikings even though he's age 40!!!! I'm so proud of him and our Vikes on how they are doing this year.

BTW..... from what I understand.... hmmmmm I guess we can really say that it was a stomp.... hmmm... I tend to remember the previous game when GB came to Minnesota.... we won that one too.... :)

What I heard was that there were more people from GB this time that were arrested due to public drinking, and bad behavior, hence more people were ejected from the game. I'm guessing they were wearing fake cheeseheads and were wearing green and yellow.


1784 days ago
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