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Ivanka Trump's

Vow of Chastity

11/2/2009 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Here's Donald Trump's gorgeous daughter Ivanka Trump (left) -- and Cher's son Chaz Bono back in 1990 (right).

Ivanka and Chastity
It's all in the genes.

We're just sayin'.


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i wouldnt call ivanka beautiful, she is cute, why is it rich people's kids most of them are ugly lookin i.e that cyrus gir(montana)l she is an ugly cute child yet everybody says she beautiful

1815 days ago


If you put Shayne Lamas next to them, you'd have a trifecta.

1815 days ago


Through no fault of his own and born in the wrong body, and to go through what it takes to become the opposite gender then I admire the courage involved. I hope Chaz ignores the outdated, immature and cruel comments like the ones on here. TMZ is ridiculing Chaz also by these thinly disguised comparison photos and other comments. The only problem Chaz has is a weight issue and he needs to address that.

1815 days ago


They look like they can be sisters.
Chaz was a beautiful girl . Some of his features are 100% from Cher.

1815 days ago

Pray For the Beaten Up!    

Chas's hair is organic and natural she doesn't color it or weave it or frost it, it is just that perfect blonde color. Ivanka...not so much.

1815 days ago

Pray For the Beaten Up!    

Chastity, the chil,girl,woman,man will always be more apealing than IDonkey or IvankaYOu. Chastity has naturally gorgeous features first off her hair is a hundred percent natural no ehancement needed, her nose is better than Idonkeys and so are her eyes. Plus Ivankyou's lips always has those Donald disease looking lips like their falling off. I just want to scrub sugar or crushed apricot pits on those parchy looking lips! they always looks so patchy and uneven.

1815 days ago

Lenn K.    

You know deep down inside Cher is wishing she could hang herself. Who would say truly without being politically correct that this would make you proud what Chastity did?

1814 days ago


Ivanka may have a pretty face but her whole self is completely out of porportion. She has a teeny, small, tiny head on top of a large body. With very wide hips and big boobs, it's just distracting how weird she looks.

Maybe big, huge 80's hair would balance her out? Take a good look at a full-body pic of her and you'll see what I mean.

1814 days ago

Pray For the Beaten Up!    

I Don't Vanka You Willy Wonka

1814 days ago

Pray For the Beaten Up!    

Ivunka you skunka!

1814 days ago

Pray For the Beaten Up!    

Ivanka you skanka. Sheskanka not Iskanka

1814 days ago


Ivanka has her dad's plump face.

1814 days ago


That is a vicious comparison. Totally equal to TMZ and its nuthouse staff. Ridiculous comparison.

1814 days ago


I agree Ivanka is far from beautiful, perhaps cute is the best word to use here, but the press likes to kiss donalds butt by making such statement, Ivanka has had tremendous amounts of plastic surgery to become less of an ugly ducling and still lots to be desired, strip her of the FX and you have a very average girl with some money because Donald isnt worth as much as he claims anyhow, all is exagerated in this family

1814 days ago


"Cute"?! Are you kidding me? She's a dog!
Woof woof!

She's had tons of plastic surgery to look even passable. She couldn't make it as a model so she went to work for her daddy. So much for her being so smart and ambitious, daddy's little egotistical girl dreamed of being a model.

She has no class - has anyone seen her in "Born Rich"? At least she has enough wits to totally fake it for the cameras, yet I still could sense the snob in there.

Thanks TMZ - good call! LOL Maybe if daddy loses too much money this famewh*re spawn of his can get the attention she craves by getting a sex change.

1814 days ago
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