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TSA Takes Big Gulp Over Britney

11/3/2009 1:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: TMZ spoke with a TSA rep who was on scene, who tells us, "There were ice chips in the cup, and that is permitted."

Britney Spears
did what no one else we know has ever done at LAX -- she took a Big Gulp-esque drink through security and drank with aplomb as she walked to her plane.

Britney Spears: Click to watch
We contacted a security specialist from the TSA who told us screeners have "discretion" when it comes to letting liquids through security.

But we've never met anyone who's ever been able to get anything close to a Big Gulp size of liquid through security.



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CUDOES # 12!!!!!!!!!

1813 days ago


I'm loving how the TSA totally disregards the rules for this trash. I've had to throw out my kids milk as she was drinking it.

1813 days ago


No surprise celebrities get away with anything. Get all of her clothes that she wore on tour here

1813 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Piss on the TSA.

T thousands
S standing
A around

1813 days ago


Hell watch the TSA guy walk her tray around the machine and hands her the drink... All low lifes

1813 days ago

The Seer    

My mother was once made to drink an entire quart of water at a checkpoint during a first visit to Israel. TSA should have made Twitney drink the whole slurpee if she wouldn't dispose of it.

People are fed up with and sick to death of the rich and famous not having to adhere to the same rules and laws as everyone else.

No one could say, for sure, what exactly was in the Twit's cup. She's bats-it crazy and unpredictable. A terrorist? Probably not. An obnoxious drunken drug addict? Probably. Neither matters. What matters is that there are Federal RULES at airports to protect US citizens and our interests, and Britney Spears was allowed to violate those rules.

If the rules and laws were bent in this instance, when else were they bent? The TSA is inconsistent at best. I'm sure every one reading this post has at least one wonky airport story to tell where the rules were not applied consistently. The lady with the baby formula was particularly unnerving.

Indeed, the heads should roll. And people SHOULD be outraged. Enough with these spoiled celebrity brats already! Time for all of them to be treated just like everyone else, AND we (meaning everyone else) need to start standing up and demanding it!

1813 days ago


I hate to admit I work for TSA. 99.9% of the screeners are more than STUPID. Besides the Brit taking a drink thru Liquids are not allowed thru period. And the xray, if it spills out it can ruin the xray equipment. And the bins are filthy. Screeners have done horrible things to passanger. I have see them toss baby food, breast milk, and open all the baby food to test it. It is then ruined because it is open.

That is how screeners take out their miserable life frustrations out on passangers. FYI TSA is a dog and pony show. You are not safe. They (DC)wants you to think you are BUT YOU ARE NOT. There are SIDA (secured ID doors) doors that ramp employees use if they have something they want to hide. The terroists are far more smarter than the bottom of barrel screeners. They hire the bottom of the barrel. Me personally needed good insurance for a surgery so I went to work there. I have no training in security what so ever. The higher ups believe looking sharp is better than doing a good job (at least at my airport.)

1813 days ago


if you look close it's only ice

1813 days ago


SO what...She is Britney Spears, of course its ok for her to do that,,if you losers were good at something or famous maybe you would get away with a few things too..

You weirdos find anything to complain Life's not fair, so deal with it,,,,,jeez

1813 days ago


There is nothing in the cup except a few ice cubes you idiots. Watch her put the cup to her mouth, she slams it against her mouth to get the last few cubes. We all do it and a small amount of liquid is permitted on flights, frozen or not. Anyone can take several ounces on board a flight. If anything is unfair it's idiots like the those saying she's treated special and not able to watch the video and see there is no liquid in it. F'ing morons. Your problems are your not rich and your not famous.

1813 days ago


That's bull sh*t!!!! Someone better get in trouble over this. No wonder she has such an air of superiority!

1813 days ago

Pray For the Beaten Up!    

what's wrong with showing a little mercy a little love, like someone said she certaintly would not be drking from a bomb. That is a Taco Bell cup FYI. I took a pet lizard on a plane, I put him in my tennis shorts pocket thru metal detector and on the otherside put him back in his decked out duffle bag with plants and water mister. They just thought I was a hairdresser. But it was before Sept.11 nightmare.

1813 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Thank you #25 for confirming what we have known all along.

Some two-bit TSA twit pulled the wife and I aside for a further bag check about a year ago.


No problem.

Me: "what are you looking for???"

TSA bitch: "Two 6 inch spikes."

Me: "Huh??? Er... spikes??"

She finally reaches in and pulls out a pair of my wife's 6 inch heels. I never knew the heels actually had SPIKES in them.

Me: to the TSA bitch, "Well honey. Now you know that my wife is a slut." (folks, that is a high compliment in my circle of friends.)

TSA Bitch: (aghast) "SIR!!! If I had the POWER... I would deny you access to your flight today."

Me: "Well then I guess it's my lucky day THAT YOU HAVE NO POWER."

My friggin gawd...

You can't make this crap up.

1813 days ago


Maybe one of the TSA employees stuck their schnozz in it to make sure there were no explosives in the cup.

1813 days ago


#33 the idoit on xray should have been able to figure it out on xray that they were shoes.

I have to work with trash like that all day. When a coworked tells me how to do my job, I say 1 thing......I put my shoes on all by myself this morning, did you?

The stories I could tell. I worked with 1 man (pedophile) who would pull young girls over and have me search. The 3rd time I noticed he was watching us. I made a complaint about him and refused to touch any females while in his presence.

1813 days ago
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