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Dr. Arnie Klein Reveals The Secret MJ

11/5/2009 7:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Arnold Klein came into the TMZ office today and for an hour and 45 minutes talked about all things Michael Jackson -- including his Propofol addiction, his penchant for peeing in public, MJ's family's futile attempt to intervene just days before Jackson's death and how Prince almost radically changed one of Jackson's biggest songs.


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Balls has no Balls    


1822 days ago

For Sure    

Great interview Harvey!!!!

1822 days ago

brigha UK    

Ask yourself Klein, would MJ (who fought so hard for his privacy) really appreciate you telling the world such things? How would you feel if MJ said such things about you? His legacy is already tarnished by the allegations, so please don't make it any worse. Call yourself a friend!

1822 days ago


The one thing i agree with klein on is that harvey and tmz need to do REASEARCH before printing something! They have printed somethings that are false or halfassed a story! They have been very negitive towards the Jackson family! the description did not match,MJ wasn't bald,they are MJs biokids,he didn't piss where ever,stop bringing up the past talk about all the good MJ did!

1822 days ago

Balls has no Balls    

Its all broken,fix it Harvey.He seems like a good man/dr.

1822 days ago


harvey is hot!

1822 days ago



1822 days ago


This dude is so full of it!
Please don't give this idiot anymore time!
He was no "friend" of Michael's.
Harvey, quit believing every thing bad that you hear about Michael.
It's obvious that you don't like Michael Harvey so just please stick to the facts. The whole pee thing can not be substantiated and that Jason dude doesn't count because he is full of Sh*t too!

Get back to doing real stories on Michael, the investigation would be nice. Hunt down Murray and never let him rest. These are the things you should be doing instead of giving this lying idiot a platform to run his mouth with a lot of nonsense! All I have to say about Klein is that I hope he goes to jail too!

1822 days ago

Daphne Lorincz    

The maid that claimed MJ paid her millions was obviously lying, the fact that she could and would blab about it all over the place shows you she didnt get nothing. People are not as stupid as she thinks. MJ had attorney and manager, you think someone would just give you millions, without you signing a confidentiality agreement. give me a break. The world doesnt work this way. Stop. all the bantering. If you guys have nothing to do, go see This Is It. You would enjoy this film.

1822 days ago


You only showed 9:30 minutes of the interview. Was that it? Or did you stop it because he started naming doctor's names? I still don't trust him. HE knows doggone well he is the father of Prince and Paris. He shouldn't have let MJ do that to those kids.

1822 days ago

For Sure    

MJ Fan:

Now we know I am an admirer of MJJ but what interview did you watch.

Klein never said they were MJ's bio kids...he said he wasn't and who cares anyway..he was a great father...and Klein doesn't like Kids but he liked them.

He did not say Michael wasn't bald...

He also said he did not have a relationship with his family at all. Just Katherine.

He said they tried to do an intervention he guessed it was Joe Jackson since he was good friends with Dr. Murray and new him for along time....

He also said when he came back from Vegas he looked all drawn and his face and nose had partially collapsed and Arnie had reconstructed his face and nose... He thought he did a great job considering what he looked like....

Draw your own conclusions... I sure as hell did!

1822 days ago


Jackson was a child molester and a freak, who really cares, he was a worthless piece of crap, and so is anyone who likes him.

1822 days ago


dunno if my first comment worked. discription did not match, heres the drawing the kid did

1822 days ago


why didn't you air all of the interview - we didn't get to hear about Michael's eerie foreshadowing of his own death during his last visit to the doctor or about the family?

1822 days ago


^^those are annotations made by the dad btw, cause apparently mj peed infront of him too.
Klein totally sounded either high or drunk lol, slurring his world allover the place.

1822 days ago
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