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Miley the Fraud -- I've Never Heard a Jay-Z Song

11/6/2009 4:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In her annoyingly catchy tune "Party in the U.S.A.," Miley Cyrus sings about "a Jay-Z song was on" -- just don't try asking her which one.

During an interview on Halloween in Kentucky, MiCy admitted the unthinkable: She's "never heard a Jay-Z song" in her life.

It only gets worse from there -- the prepackaged pop tart also tried convincing the interviewer she doesn't sing pop music and that it's "not even my style." Cue Amy Poehler & Seth Myers: Really?!?

The unbelievable statement is at the 3:15 mark. Thanks to Best Week Ever for pointing out the cringeworthy clip.


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1624 days ago

Balls has no Balls    

No Balls

1624 days ago


I had ever listened to a single one of the Miley Cirus's songs. What is the big deal????!!!!!

1624 days ago


I had never listened to a single one of the Miley Cirus's songs. What is the big deal????!!!!!

1624 days ago


Poster number one just proves my point every time. No-life bitch.

1624 days ago


I know people have their issues with Miley and don't like her. But, why is it the "unthinkable" not to have heard a Jay-Z song?

1624 days ago


Funny cuz I always thought she was saying "and a JB song was on", referring to the Jonas Brothers, cuz that was alot more reasonable to me than her talking about actually listening to Jay Z

1624 days ago


I don't have nothing against Miley, I just never feel encouraged to see her videos or to listen to her songs. But, I think she looks very health for a teenager and very cute. I think that is important for a girl don't try to get an anorexic look and, for the fact Miley is a role model for girl, I believe that is important she has an autentic appearance.

1624 days ago


At least she is honest.

1624 days ago


She didn't say she doesn't sing Pop... she said she doesn't listen to it.

1624 days ago


I dont get it....he asked her about Jay-Z and she says i dont listen to pop music...Since when is Jay-z pop music....Jay-Z is a hip-hop/rap artist. He is no where near a pop artist. Jay-Z raps about the streets, drugs, money....nothing pop there so she is one dumb music artist to put Jay-Z in a pop category! She may not listen to pop but that has nothing to do with Jay-Z....DUMB CHICK!

1624 days ago


Um...she doesn't listen to POP MUSIC? WTF-and don't even insult Janis by mentioning her. Miley will NEVER come close to the brilliance that was Janis. She can just go ahead and compare herself to Debbie Gibson or Tiffany..actualy not even Debbie Gibson because Debbie wrote/sang/played/produced all of her songs...OMG this makes me so mad.
Jay-Z islaughing is ass off at her right now-I was at a wedding and all these little kids were doing some stupid dance to her dumb hoedown song
Miley's only fans are eight year olds. Has she ever been to one of her own concerts? All of my pre teen cousins love her. She better not ever mention Stevie Nicks or i will vom. What kind of delusional world does she live in? She is a tween pop star. UHHGGGGG!

Why does she talk like Peter Brady right before his voice changed?

1624 days ago


how is she a fraud she did not write the song so what if she never listed to Jay-Z y do ppl have to hate on others who are successful JEALOUSY

1624 days ago

Just sayin'    

So you mean you don't write your own songs or even pick out the ones you sing??!!!!

Dumb Whore! I Hope Jay-Z slaps you. Once for him and once for me.

1624 days ago


wtf is she wearing?
shut up u white chicken headed buck mouth bitch
go get pregnant already

1624 days ago
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