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Claudia Schiffer

Good Genes or Good Docs?

11/8/2009 9:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

You'd never Guess? Claudia Schiffer has been modeling for over 20 years.

Claudia Schiffer
Here's the 21-year-old German stunner back in 1991 (left) -- and 18 years later, the 39-year-old version in London this week (right).

Super model, in deed.


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she looked good back then, but she does look rather old for 39....and her eye is really weird looking...

also, i am really getting sick of it putting my name as just does it automatically ever since i tried the returning commenters, and returning doesnt even work...

1621 days ago

Eric Anderson    

My feelings are that Claudia Schiffer is an adopted daughter from Jim and Nadine Veltman (retired Hughs- Landscape architesture) whom live in the northwest area of North Las Vegas! Additionally she might be related to one of the hosts on the TMZ show!! How obvious is that!?

If you do not beleive me call up Terry at the Henderson Paper employed under the title Sports Enthusiast!

1621 days ago


She looks great -- happy to see someone with natural lips, not fish lips!

1621 days ago


11. We need a third option -Looks like hell now.

Posted at 6:21AM on Nov 8th 2009 by orion


MY thoughts exactly.
Speaking of which, I better put my aluminum foil hat back on to keep you from stealing my thoughts. Aarg!!!

1620 days ago


Her hair today photographs like straw. And she needs eye work. Or a nap. And she should not wear sparkly tops. It makes her look even more Euro trashy. Like she bought a top at a train station because like a lot of Euro trash chicks, her boyfriend had to sell her luggage for drug money or some such thing. How come middle-aged women can't age with dignity? They're always trying to cling to what only once was. Its sad really.

1620 days ago


You can see that her lips are plumper, her cheeks have implants, there is a stretched look to the area around her mouth and jaw, something is up with her eyes. DOCS people!!

1620 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

"Super model, in deed."

Hey TMZ - What does that mean? That she had done something in particular that has makes her a super model? Did you mean to write "indeed?"

Geez - really ..... send 'em to at least one English or Journalism class before you hire 'em! LOL.

1620 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

That would be either "has made" or "makes her a supermodel."

At lease I caught it. ; )

1620 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

Hahahaha ....... and that would be "at least."

Way too tired! Time to say night-night .......

1620 days ago


My choice is neither. She doesn't have good genes and she needs a good doc. She looks ten years older than 39!

1620 days ago

Saida Bouchard    

She looks very naturally aged & it is beautifull to see that,She has always looked very "euro"(slavic), it's just now, she has aged a bit, so what! at least, she is natural & looks real! Bless her for that< if you are gifted with great genes, others will always assume or be envyous of that. She is German, she has the features she should have for a German woman.

1620 days ago


Never found her impressive 'back in the day' (next to the likes of Evangelista, Campbell, Christensen she just didn't compare!) and still don't think she's all that much now. So 'Good genes' or 'Good docs' - who cares ??!!

1619 days ago


Nice post Homer. Way to misspell Aryan.


1432 days ago


I really think she is the most beautiful top model that have existed, And she is extremeley beautiful in both photgraphs. I can´t understand the reason of so many nasty comments. She hasn´t submitted herself to plastic surgery. She is incredibly beautiful, that´s all.

1230 days ago


When she first came out in the Guess ads in the early 90s she was off the charts gorgeous and voluptuous, looking like a young Bardot. Soon after that she lost quite a few pounds and her face mostly suffered for it. Thinner cheeks, teeth protruding, bonier in the chest and super-pale, she just didn't have it anymore compared to the other 90s super models. I saw her in person in NYC all done up (opening of Fashion Cafe) standing next to Elle and Naomi, she looked by far the most ordinary. I think for her age now she looks good, she is a beauty after all, but not great.

1018 days ago
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