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Joe Jackson Guns For Branca, McClain

11/9/2009 10:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson never signed his will and the named executors have committed fraud, according to legal papers just filed by Joe Jackson.

As we first posted on TMZ ... there was a clerical mistake in the will. The document indicates Jackson signed the will in L.A., yet he was in NYC on the day in question. We're told the will was in fact signed in New York and the witnesses saw Michael put pen to paper.

Joe doesn't think it was a clerical mistake -- he thinks his son never signed the will. Joe Jackson claims John Branca and John McClain should be booted as administrators because they concealed what Joe calls a "fraud."

Joe Jackson -- through his lawyer, Brian Oxman -- claims Jackson fired Branca in 2003 and believed the attorney embezzled MJ's money. Joe claims an "investigation" showed an improper relationship between Branca and Tommy Mottola and the two were "illegally funneling Michael Jackson's money to off-shore accounts in the Caribbean."

Oxman attached a copy of the "investigation" -- conducted by a company called Interfor -- which says "Some sources in the entertainment industry think highly of Branca. However, other sources suggest that he has built his career on the strength of his clients to a point where are (sic) rumors of irregularities involved in accounting fees."

The report goes on to suggest Branca contacted the Justice Department after he was fired and allegedly dropped a dime on Jackson, suggesting MJ's new lawyer -- Alvin Malnik -- was utilizing "Jackson's financial resources and cash business to facilitate Malnik's comprehensive money laundering activities."

As we've already reported, Jackson re-hired Branca before the singer died.

UPDATE: Howard Weitzman, the lawyer for Branca and McClain, tells TMZ: "These claims filed by Joe Jackson are so outrageous that they don't deserve any response. John Branca and John McClain, who were designated by Michael Jackson in his will as executors of his estate, will continue carrying out Michael's wishes for the benefit of his mother, his children and charities."


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104. Cindy,you are such a mean bi!ch! :) JJ was human too.

1809 days ago

get it right    

99. Sony, AEG and the powers that be KILLED MICHAEL JACKSON!
They got him addicted too!

Posted at 10:20PM on Nov 9th 2009 by JusticeforMJ

No MJ killed himself he was a drug addict. Nobody got him addicted but himself no one tied MJ down and forced him to do those drugs MJ did it so blame him.

1809 days ago

They were in it for the money    

I'm glad we have H.N. here, I totally agree with the thought process.
What I don't get is all this time Nobody in the family and I mean really NOBODY has sat down, poured their heart out and truly said they miss Michael, they hurt for Michael, they want Justice for Michael, not with an honest heart and soul.. We have not seen one transcript on that topic, just the greed that rolls off of every one of the Jacksons. Didn't Randy file something similar a couple of weeks ago? didn't Katherine want to take over everything? It goes back and forth like a ping pong ball. joe just filed something the other day, why wasn't this part of the file? Why go yet again and flood the courts?
They better watch what they are doing because it will come and bite them right in the azz. There is a section of law that basicially states if a family member works for part or in totality with a named beneficiary against a Will, the benefifcary could lose their stance as benefactor. the courts are not stupid. All the Jakcsons are doing is foolishly wasting m oney. Hope the childrens money is well protected!

1809 days ago


No MJ killed himself he was a drug addict. Nobody got him addicted but himself no one tied MJ down and forced him to do those drugs MJ did it so blame him.

Posted at 10:34PM on Nov 9th 2009 by tmz you rock

Read more:

On another MJ site you LOSER??? YOU just cant stay away can you??

1809 days ago


I'm gonna get my hands on that damn money if I die trying!!!!

1809 days ago

Look at all the WJ spermette cheerleaders on TMZ. WJ rahrahrah!    

MJ forever and ever and ever!

1809 days ago


Humannature, your right the 1997 will is still in place. Oh
Joe cant believe there will be no more 1/2 a million or million
of $$$$$ for him. Get over it joe. That record company ought to be
booming by now. LMAO..oh what about the grills...ROTF..
This man is relentless. He knows MJ didnt F@@@ with him.
Has Janet gone into hiding? I would too. D@@n.
I am worried about those kids. What all they are hearing at Havenhurst?
prince is very intelligent, i hope as he grows he figures these
people out. Take Blanket and run... RUN FOREST RUN......far,far,away.

Posted at 10:31PM on Nov 9th 2009 by MJ's PYT


You are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!! I also hope that the oldest boy, Prince will take his baby brother/sister and run like hell from these jackazzes!!!

Including Rebbie & Janet!!!!

1809 days ago


60. Joe is just another freak like MJ was. HEll the whole family are freaks

Posted at 9:29PM on Nov 9th 2009 by tmz you rock

these people are freaks they are getting even greedier since the money bags freak is dead they got twice as much a month from him when he was alive but wanted it all now they can only get what the court will give them and they are mad and wont leave it alone until they get it all

they arent just freaky hell they are ugly and nasty looking with those big mouths lether skins and f'ingg big teeth and neanderthal skulls

look like they just came out of the cave

1809 days ago


117 Get a shrink, He is a paid-hater for tmz.Ignore the stupid bastard.Pretty soon he will retire for the night,in his parents basement,jer@ing off to the pictures of MJ,whom he loves,btw.

1809 days ago


MJ was murdered. He was worth more dead than alive! Look how uch AEG and SOny made already with the movie. Now they will get 400 million fro the insurance company. SICK! Plus , they have the power to control his estate. No way!
You have to look at what went down, Dr. Murray had an accomplice who sped away before the ambulance got there. He waited hours to call 911, he moved MJ's body, the blood already settled into his back. He made three phone calls that night. Murray disappeared for three days. Murray also killed another patient before during surgery, he punctured someone's heart.
One to AEg/Sony guy, one to Mj's Manager an another to a patient who was threatening to sue him. All, while at MJ's house.
Not only that, before MJ died that night, he was so mad , as confirmed by fans and Karen Faye, that they AEG signed him up for 50 shows. He couldn't do!
He was so mad he called off the shows that night he died! He was heard on the phone yelling. Now, isn't that suspicious, he then died hours later.
He was killed. Don;t be naive. Sure he was addicted, but how did he get that way. People around him said he was being controlled. even Tohme took over his bank accounts , MJ didnt even know how much money he had.
Just search for and find out more.
Don't believe the lie.
MJ was taken from us.

1809 days ago


I love Michael Jackson so Much. In all honesty and to be truthful I really love him and grew up with his music. This is why I post here for hours on end over my love for MJ! I just cant believe the doctor stuck a needle in him outside a hospital setting without monitoring his heart and left the room for 45 minutes.Conrad Murray was negligent and should be punished for his Physicians code of ethics for administering drugs outside the hospital that are not suppose to be.

1809 days ago

Joe Jackson is illiterate    

Will you all stop with all the ignorant conspiracy theories, and adding 2 and 2 to make 5??

On page 2 someone talks about how Motolla and others set up Michael in the Bashir interview. Michael set up himself by talking about sleeping with boys. In American culture that is interpreted as having sex! Michael was naive and should have had a PR person or lawyer with him during those interviews. In addition, although he was the most intelligent Jackson, he was still not smart enough to realize that he was saying the wrong things and correct himself quickly! The Jackson parents only glorify money, they never gave any of their kids education beyond high school although some of the kids had no talent and were there just wasting away. I hope they send MJ's kids to college. MJ would have done that.

Michael had a fuss with Sony over promotion of Invincible and called Mottola names; SO what? it was a tantrum. Don't forget how much $$ Sony pumped into MJ's promotions. Look at the records. Some of you are either very juvenile or just plain dunce like Joe J. Joe J is an ole fart that should just roll over and be kicked in the ass! We need Murray arrested, that's what we need. All this sh*t is just taking attention away from real issues!

1809 days ago


If the memory of MJ would depend on you,guys, to be alive, so he really will be remembered forever. Hehehehehe.

1809 days ago


I think that Joe maybe on the money with this one...I have STRONG reason to believe that this thing is much more far reaching and wider than we have imagined (cant reveal my source, but trust me on this one)....I think it is going to be like a house of cards....I think this is the just the beginning.....and really can you blame Joe Jackson??/ if it were your child, what would you do? MJ has stated on more than one occasion that all the troubles that he suffered were behind that ATV/Sony venture...set-up by who Branca...who is then terminated...why was he terminated, I do remember researching and finding out that MJ was able to get out of his contract with Sony because of misrepresentation by a said attorney that was representing both sides...meaning MJ and Sony = Branca. I have been in contact with certain people that know that the LAPD is moving slowly because when all the sh-- hits the fan that they (LAPD) will not be the ones on trial here. JJ is an elderly man and perhaps mistreated his children and wife, but in making amends to his family MAY be trying to right a wrong. I am almost certain that if a judge dismissed the two, there will be other administrators that will be satisfactory to the court and the welfare of his children. In no way, do I feel that the Jacksons will be put in charge of the estate....too much mismanagement of money in the past.

On another topic...if you read the article about Dr. Hoeflin unethical practices during surgery of his patients...I am a little leary of him too, b/c it states that he was putting MJ UNDER and not performing any surgery...telling the other in the room that he was doing so to FOOL MJ into thinking he had a procedure done, however, he could have been starting his addiction or enabling it.

PMJ (Prince Michael Jackson) is still considered a minor, however, if the estate 100% defaults to the children based upon all of this foolishness...there needs to be an Attorney, not LA based, working to ensure that at the age of consent that everything defaults to him in a trust which considers his siblings. It is just such a huge transfer of wealth.

and by the way....where did Guitar go??? remember the one that weeps.....

1809 days ago
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