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Carrie Prejean's Sex Tape Conspiracy Theory

11/10/2009 2:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie Prejean continued to run her biblically correct mouth this morning on "Today" -- saying news of her solo sex tape is part of a 7-month "campaign to try and silence me."

Carrie Prejean: Click to watch
The dethroned beauty queen said people are still trying to "embarrass" and "humiliate" her because of the answer she gave to the same-sex marriage question during the Miss USA pageant.

When pressed by Meredith Vieira why she dropped her million dollar lawsuit against Miss California USA, she wouldn't bite, saying she's "not allowed" to discuss the outcome.


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What happened with taking responsibility? That plan went out the door fast...

1811 days ago

love her!    

She is one of those spotlight right wing ultra conservatives to please the people. In the closet there is a girl on girl loving chick waiting to come out. She is a closet freak...Not fooling anyone

1811 days ago

Bobo Frog    

Post the footage, TMZ. Blur out her itty bitties, or just take a still photo of her O-face. C'mon, TMZ, YOU KIN DO EET!!!

1811 days ago

Justice !    

It doesn't matter who/what surfaced this sex tape... fact of the matter is it was made way before she ever opened her mouth. She's looking to redirect the blame... it can't be done. Sorry Carrie you've made it the way it is. I have no sympathy for you what so ever.

Your opinions and beliefs are your business, however you've proven to everyone that you're a hypocrite do to your "own" actions.

1811 days ago


The woman taped herself masturbating when she was 17 years old. The woman also said that for seven months since she said she didn't believe in homosexual marriage here former boyfriends have been harrassed, even those living in other countries.

Seem pretty odd considering that president Obama believes the same thing she does about homosexual marriage.

Maybe its because she masturbated? LOL

1811 days ago

Bobo Frog    

Wow, she becomes a bit of a B at the end of the interview towards Meredith Viera. "Like I said, anything said in mediation, I am not allowed to discuss it."

1811 days ago


Poor poor TMZ. All this over a 17 year old girl (at the time of the tape) masterbating for her boy friend (who apparently thinks it's OK to share this kind of material with others). It could have been much, much, much worse. It would have been devistating if Carrie were engaged in something as demeaning and deviant as homosexual relations. Fortunately she only proved she is an attractive, and healty, woman. Carrie has awaken America to the fact that homosexuals don't deserve special treatment. Kudos to Carrie!

TMZ's next revelation - Carrie engaged in pre-marital sex with her boyfriend. WOW - stay tuned.

1811 days ago


Can't discuss the outcome?

My guess would be something like....

Oh yeah! Ooooh Yeah! OH GOD YEAH!!!!

That is, of course, if she did it right...

1811 days ago

Chris D.    

Now she's going all Sarah Palin on us. Is she doing this to save her family values credibility? She should just admit that she makes a living off having a body men lust after. Is it really that big a deal. I thought being a conservative just meant you were for big business and war. Family values optional. @TMZ: If you come up with a video of Carrie and Sarah making out in a hot tub, I will admit that this is Harvey Levin's world and the rest of us are just livin' in it.

1811 days ago





1811 days ago


Why is this tramp still in the media???? NOBODY CARES ABOUT HER AND HER MASTURBATING TAPE! She is such a wannabe conservative. Please we all see right through ya

1811 days ago

Bobo Frog    

I'm gonna need to see that proof. I won't believe until I see it....repeatedly.

1811 days ago


So if they aren't going after her for her comments then why else are they? Can you honestly say that anyone would give a crap that she had a sex tape otherwise? I mean, come on. Just because she is a conservative doesnt mean she isn't human. I am seriously about to stop coming here if TMZ continues to post this crap. Would they even post this stuff if she didn't say anything about gay marriage....or LIED about how she felt? Cause God forbid a beauty queen tell the TRUTH!

1811 days ago


I like how she thinks it doesn't count as a sex tape if she's the only one in it.

She's an idiot.

1811 days ago


She is so arrogant...Who would buy her lame book ?

LOVE how she clings to the word "teenager" let's see...Is she advocating "teenagers" masturbate on video for their boyfriends?

What a douche.
I can't wait for her meltdown.

1811 days ago
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