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Jackson's Mom and Dad Split Over Executors

11/10/2009 3:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonKatherine Jackson has just drawn a line in the sand with her husband Joe. Her lawyer just announced in court Katherine has no problem with John Branca and John McClain as executors of Michael Jackson's estate.

Joe just filed legal papers yesterday trying to boot Branca and McClain from the case ... and he claims the will is a forgery.

Story developing...


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...#11....puppi, Joe Jackson not only abusively punished Michael Jackson he initiated the actions that ultimately killed Michael Jackson.

It is hard for me to understand how you can cheer on the man who robbed the world of Michael Jackson.

1778 days ago


If MJ wanted his father to have anything he would of left it in his will..
Joe Jackson has been a scammer his whole life and now even trying with his dead son's money and his grandchildren's future.
It is about time Catherine said "NO"
Joe you have kiids running around every country and continent, go to them and let them take care of you.
Greedy AzzHole.

1778 days ago


WHODA THUNK IT? We admire celebrities for their talents but, we never see what goes on in their private lives until a tragedy, like Michael Jackson's death, reveals the sordid truth of greedy "friends" and "family." How horrible for Michael to be the recipient, before and after death, of such low class individuals who seem to stop at nothing to, GRAB, GRAB, GRAB. Especially, after death, they saw the opportunity and, ran for it. Sadly, it will continue until Mrs. Jackson says, "Enough, is enough," and really MEAN it!!! Hope she listens with her heart and not all the "talking" heads. She is in a very difficult situation. God help her!!!

1778 days ago


Good for Mrs. Jackson! She needs to boot the old nasty SOB out with the rest of the freeloaders!

So it's come out after all who was behind the early objections to the administrators: Mr. I-Want-To-Cash-In.

Old Joe's gonna make it clear to everyone exactly why Michael left him nothing.

1778 days ago


Sad sad sad.....go Katherine!!!

1778 days ago


Maybe this means that Katherine realizes she has the upper-hand in their marriage and isn't afraid of him anymore. I hope so. Now lets hope no one caves to that jackass's demands for money.

1778 days ago


I hope this is what it appears to be and not just a screen.
this could be KJ and JJ way of getting to it without her
getting to close to that no contest clause. Then again maybe
"mother" has gotten a back bone and some spine since being
around MJ3. he could look in those beautiful faces and not have
their best interest at heart.i hope so Katherine. I pulling for
you. Now just get Jermaine's ass to take care of his ex wife and kids and your doing something.

Posted at 2:17PM on Nov 10th 2009 by MJ's PYT

Unfortunately it is the only way that Katherine could get around the no contest clause. Joe and Katerine Jackson are publicly working each others lawyers to attain mutual financial security for themselves and Michael Jacksons siblings. NOT for Michael Jacksons children.


1778 days ago


CALL TO ACTION!! An arrest has not yet been made for Michael's homicide. Please take action on November 25, the 5-month anniversary of his death, by viewing the following video. Important contact information is found at the end of the video. Everyone matters IF WE ALL CRY AT THE SAME TIME. Thank you.

1778 days ago


WAY TO GO KATHERINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought Joe was crazy but now he has removed all doubt! However, I didn't know Randy was. Birds of a feather fock together. Look you two, go somewhere and get jobs. Randy if your dad's to old, then you go to work for him. Re-open the record company. Stop sucking the blood out of MJ, even after he's gone.

PS Go loose some weight, it will help you get a job!

1778 days ago


GO SEE THE MOVIE THIS IS IT spread the word
This shows Michael in a renewed light. What a fabulous show this was gonna be. Go see it You will not be dissappointed I had to remind myself and this was just rehearsal OH MY

1778 days ago


Wandering Gypsy, you are right on. I think it is a sad dinner time at Havenhurst tonight, They got shot down, got to think of something new to try. The next thing I expect to see is the siblings filing creditors claims.

Now if the attorney for the children would do her job and clean house on Havenhurst, the bills would not be so high. The J3 tutors are teaching Jermaines kids too. How wrong is that. The bills would be cut in half if the dead beats moved out.

I have a lot of room to talk. My 48 year old son lives with us. Thank God he does, my husband had multiple strokes and he picked up all of the bills for a year so I could quit my job and stay home and take care of my husband. My washer quit one day and the next he came home with new washer & dryer. Would not let me pay. But the big difference is my son has always worked and he could have his own place again, but we all like this arrangement. And he is not sponging off of us.

Katherine and Joe never taught their kids to LOVE or how to live. They grew up expecting $$ to fall out of the sky. And Michael was the one flying that plane.

1778 days ago


So Joe is up to his old tricks, wasnt it bad enough that he treated his kids so badly when Michael was alive, now hes even going after his dead sons money, I will never understand this in families when a loved one dies. I loved Michael and really miss him. I just hope that his kids dont see all this greed. But I have to agree with Katherine on everything. He acted like she was a saint and i can see it in her eyes.

1778 days ago


I just saw This Is It with my son who loves MJ as well as myself. It was going to be the best live show on earth, I truly believe that. I did notice something or maybe it's just me. This was supposed to be months of recorded rehearsal footage, right? I noticed MJ cloths...Let me explain. He sported only 4-5 different outfits during all his rehearsals? It seems to me that this footage was only taken from a few selected rehearsals since his cloths were the same in alot of the footage and then they would cut back and forth during a few numbers.

Did anyone else noticed this also? I have a very analitical personality, sometimes to a fault, but this just sort of made me think that, well maybe MJ didn't rehearse as much as we thought.

I also detected a stubborn streak in him. I could just tell. But his voice, his wonderful voice, even without music and without giving it his all to perserve his voice was truly timeless.

I also bet he was fun to be around. I bet he loved to laugh and joke around and just be a normal guy not an entertainer.

He was still very handsome and the way he was inspiring his crew was priceless. It was sort of bittersweet to see the film end, knowing that THIS WAS REALLY IT!

MJ fans need to take comfort in the fact that he's resting and at peace and not anyone or anything can ever harm him again. He's out of his mental pain. My son asked me "mom, do people die for good?" My response was, "yes people do die, but souls dont' die".


1778 days ago

Daphne Lorincz    

Kim, the film is skillfully edited by either the director, or Sony. Overall, very well made. If the world was perfect, the London concert would have been spectacular. My son also saw it tonight with his engineering friends. Its reading week in Calgary. You should see the kids at the cinema.

1778 days ago


Why can't the evil old parasitic Joe just crawl back into his hole, curl up and die. He will not be anyone!!! It was Michael's LEGAL wish that Joe gets NOTHING. Michael's legal wishes MUST be respected, forever.


1778 days ago
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