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Rolling Stone Divorce -- Who Knew?!

11/11/2009 11:08 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ronnie Wood is finally getting a divorce -- from a woman to whom he barely remembered he was still married!

Rolling Stone Divorce -- Who Knew?!

For more than 15 months, the Rolling Stones member has been very publicly runnin' around with a very young, very hot Russian cocktail waitress (left) -- and it seems Ronnie's wife has finally had enough.

Wood's wife, 53-year-old Jo Wood (right), has reportedly filed divorce papers in London and according to British tabloid, The Sun, it's all over Ronnie's "adultery."


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His wife and mistress look so much alike! He just traded in for a younger model! lol

1774 days ago


So brazen and shameless! Take him to the cleaners Jo!!

1774 days ago

I hate rappers    

Balls....First....Kooky A@@ Hole etc etc etc....

1774 days ago

Yolanda Nixon    

I bet he's sorry he did that. I hear he's trying to patch things up with Jo but she's having none of it.

1774 days ago


Well..........this is what happens when you make drugs your best friend.

1774 days ago


If Ron Woods really believes that this young russian who*e is with him because she is into him I have a bridge in New York to sale him.

He's not attractive at all matter of fact he looks like Skeletor's little brother.

1774 days ago


Ron didn't play bad on Bigger Bang, so I guess he is doing allright. If his wife wants the divorce it's up to her, but what happened to "for better and for worse"?! I hope that TMZ won't take the wrong side on this one again.

1774 days ago


If this ugly old man just worked on the checkout at k-mart then he wouldn't get a young girl (from Russia or anywhere) to give him a second glance. Could it possibly be because he's a millionnaire?? Oh silly me, I'm just being cynical!!!.... It's true love.!! Yeah right...

1774 days ago


The "waitress" is NOT hot. She doesn't hold a candle to Jo.

1774 days ago


"Could it possibly be because he's a millionnaire??"

Who knows how women think; they're all mad from the male perspective. That's also what makes them attractive, imo. It's a double edged sword.

"If this ugly old man just worked on the checkout at k-mart then he wouldn't get a young girl ..."

How do you know; some young girls actually have "ugly old" men. Many of them only care for sex anyway, just like men sometimes do.

1774 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

A ship of fools -- all of them.
The wife thinks her drug abusing rock-star husband is not going to cheat on her? FOOL!
The Russian hottie thinks she can be the one to change him into a one-woman man? FOOL!
Ronnie Woods thinks any of these women are trying to be with HIM rather than his money and fame? FOOL
You, wasting time reading this crap? FOOL
Me? No, I'm God's gift to TMZ blogging. . . . FOOL!

1774 days ago


A tale as old as time. He's got money and fame so therefore, there is always going to be some young bimbo who is willing to give it all up for the cash. Don't feel too sorry for the wife either. The money will help speed her recovery. Silly how women are so taken care of in our society. Yet we never hear of the reverse happening.

1774 days ago


"Ronnie Woods thinks any of these women are trying to be with HIM rather than his money and fame?"

So what reason would be good enough for a woman to be with a man?! It's impossible to divide a peron in what he/she is and what he/she does and has. A purely hypothetical matter that has no practical value whatsoever in real life.

1774 days ago


Ha ha
He has been messing with that child for months on end now.
Jo will end up a wealthy single woman!!!!!!!!!
Those dam things called a penis sure end up costing millions when used improperly! hahaha

1774 days ago


Many years ago the Three Degrees sang about a "Dirty old man".

1774 days ago
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