Shayne Lamas Gets DUI, According to Shayne

11/15/2009 11:58 AM PST

Shayne Lamas Gets DUI, According to Shayne

DUIs are great for ratings -- so what better way to help your reality show then to go get one ... and then blab all about it to the network that airs your show?

Shayne Lamas
was popped in Venice, Calif. last night for allegedly driving under the influence -- and we know this because she told E!, home of "Leave it to Lamas," the whole story.

In a shockingly well-worded statement, Lamas told E!, "Early Saturday morning, after consuming one drink, I willingly drove through a mandatory check point on my way home with complete confidence of passing. However, the breathalyzer indicated that I was over the legal limit of blood alcohol content and was arrested onsite."

Look for a very special episode of "Leave it to Lamas" sometime during the next sweeps period.