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Sally vs. Anjelica

Who'd You Rather?

11/16/2009 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dressed to the nines in bone colored suits, Sally Kellerman, 72, and Anjelica Huston, 58, stunned the crowd at the same event in Hollywood this weekend.

Sally and Anjelica
Question is ...


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Balls has no Balls    

they both have balls!

1799 days ago

moe l.    

This is one of those "trick questions" - right?

Kinda like the question "which would you rather...slide down a 50' razor blade on your bare butt, or eat vomit till you die?"

1799 days ago


They both look like men in drag to me. Are you sure they have vaginas? I'd hate to see them...I'm visualizing a moldy ham sandwich. Ewww

Are you sure Angelica Huston is only 58? I never thought she was that great looking, but now she looks like "who done it and why come?"

1799 days ago

den in sac    

I'd rather Bea Arthur!!

1799 days ago


I agree Rudy. Please add a neither option. Yuck!

1799 days ago


How disrespectful to even ask the question. In other countries they respect their elders. In our stupid country, we make fun of our senior citizens who've contributed much to our culture and society by asking which one would you rather f**k?

How much more degrading and disrespectful can we get?

You wouldn't find a single person in India pasting photos of Mother Teresa up on the internet asking who would have f**ked her.

1799 days ago

Woody McBreairty    

They have both aged gracefully, SK has a Greta Garbo flavor, AH has more of a seasoned thespian look. Neither were ever great beauties but their talents made up for it. Nice that they are still around, I think we should be proud of these surviviors and not be so quick to make cutting, catty & distasteful remarks. They both desevve better.

1799 days ago


Dear Fools at TMZ--

Why don't you ever make a 3rd option like "NEITHER" or "NONE OF THE ABOVE" when giving these surveys/voting questions??

1799 days ago


Still love Anjelica in Lonesome Dove! Don't care what she looks like now. Love all her performances! I don't know much about Kellerman so I won't comment. I don't think either look that bad; but then again, I respect my elders and the aging process and don't wish to dump on them for actually aging...NEWSFLASH: We are all gonna get there...if we are lucky enough.

1799 days ago


Yeah Moms Mambley and Bill Cosby sure aged in a lovely manner.

Black dont Crack? Look again...

9. Jeez, white people are scary looking as they get older. No wonder they get plastic surgery. Urrggggg! Just ugly.

Posted at 6:44PM on Nov 16th 2009 by Ira

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1799 days ago

cat b    

you really should have four choices one being celebacy the rest of your life or death by a rusty dull hacksaw blade.

1799 days ago


58 is the new 78? what happened to her???? all the drugs and Jack?

1799 days ago


either, both, plus any pretty lady friends they might be able to talk into it!

hey, don't judge me.... beggers can't be choosers.

1799 days ago


Do I HAVE TO vote?

1799 days ago


Are you sure Angelica is 58?

1799 days ago
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