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Fetus-Killing Powder Suspected in Brutal Murder

11/17/2009 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

fetus killerCops believe they now know how a famous L.A. restaurateur allegedly murdered his unborn child -- and it all has to do with a deadly white powder.

TMZ has obtained the search warrant affidavit in the investigation of Josh Woodward -- co-owner of L.A.'s 8 Oz. Burger Bar and several famous restaurants around the country.

In the docs, Woodward's baby mama says one night back in October -- when she was pregnant -- Woodward kept putting his hand in a plastic bag and then touching her sexually.

The woman says she lost the baby a few hours later ... and remembers seeing a white powdery substance on her underwear.

According to the affidavit, cops had reason to believe the powder was a drug called Misoprostol -- which is often used for early abortions and to induce labor. Cops then executed the warrant and set up a sting operation.

Now get this: Under police supervision, the woman called Woodward -- who did not know she had lost the baby -- and told him she was still pregnant and wanted him to come over.

According to the affidavit, when police approached Woodward outside of her apartment, he pulled out a "small piece of clear plastic with a white powdery substance" from his pocket and dropped it on the ground.

Police seized the substance -- which Woodward would not identify -- and arrested him. Cops are waiting on the test results of the substance, but believe it's Misoprostol. Woodward has yet to be charged with a crime.


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i love the 80    

12. But if she had gone into a Doctors office and paid a fee to have her fetus cut up and scraped out no one would bat an eye. Abortion is legal and fetuses have no rights, this should be assault at best.

I feel abortion is murder, however the law and most people do not agree with me. You cannot lock him up for what he did to the fetus because she could have done the same thing with no troubles. Only the damage he did to her.

um are you freaking kidding me? assualt? to have someone else kill your baby without your premission is murder.. abortion is too. its murder but that woman is make that choice she will have to pay for when she dies. this douche took matters into his on hands to rid himself of child support later on.. i hope she gets every penny he has an he rotts in jail.. or lets just take him out back an shoot him,.. maybe if they did that people would think twice before they broke the law...

1799 days ago


What a terrible story. And Marie, you are an idiot.

1799 days ago



1799 days ago


If a man is fingering you and keeps dipping his fingers in a plastic's not seasoning! RUN!

1799 days ago


WOW !! A horrible story.

STOP !! breadin' wont you...for God's sake.

1799 days ago


I have never heard of anything so disgusting. How heartbreaking for the woman. I hope she feels better and that this c**ksucker rots in jail and then hell.

1799 days ago


I agree this is sick. But, was she sleeping, drunk or high at the time?
I'm a guy, if I was a woman and my partner was touching me sexual with a white powder, I'd have a few questions.

1799 days ago


Why would u let someone touch u sexually after he put his hand in a plastic bag??? Wasn't she suspicious???

1799 days ago



1799 days ago

Ewww, ick    

He should be 1) raped hard daily with a splintered Louisville Slugger and 2) given a triple dose of ex-lax with every jailhouse meal so he can endure the cramping and bleeding that poor girl endured.

1799 days ago


Maybe it is time for man to also have a choice. I wouldn't do it, but women make the legal choice to not have children all the time. Men should be able to choose a condom with this stuff on it. I wouldn't but fair is fair.

1799 days ago


What a disgusting, despicable human being. Why can't we just stuff his mouth with this white powder and have him gag to death on it. Justice for his child and that way our good earned money doesn't go to keeping this douche alive.

1799 days ago


This guy needs to suffer for doing this. That is just evil and disgusting.

1799 days ago


If these psycho men do not want children that bad- than get a vasectomy, use condoms, or refrain from sex. To the degree this nut-case has taken this; he should be in an institution. I hope they send him away for life, since he has taken away a potential life.

1799 days ago
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