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Radio Hosts: Pratt's Stupidity Will Cost Him

11/21/2009 10:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Two radio hosts are calling out Spencer Pratt for making one of the dumbest bets ever made -- and now they want the attention addict to put his money where his gigantic, nonsense-spewing mouth is.

The hosts of "Jojo, Reagan and the Mix Morning Show" are demanding Pratt cough up the $1,000 he bet them on Friday morning, when he claimed Heidi's performance on the Miss Universe pageant this year was the most watched television event in the history of time and space.

Jojo and Reagan tell TMZ they did their homework, and although the pageant was watched by an estimated one billion people (who knew?) ... Princess Diana's funeral was viewed by 2.5 billion.

And, according to a third grader ... 2.5 billion > 1 billion.

Jojo and Reagan want Spencer to pay up but tell TMZ they don't know how to get in touch with him to let him know. So ... ARE YOU LISTENING SPENCER????


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Well, I am never one to be on Team Speidi but this time the truth speaks for itself. Spencer clearly stated his bet was for the most watched performance. (Not event) So seems to me that the radio show owes Spencer the $1000. Look on the bright side, maybe he can use it for a cab ride back to the curb he came from.

1760 days ago

paris phillippe    

why do people give these two idiots any attention at all!
they were on a late night talk show earlier this week, and pratt asked seth green to be his agent, and green replied i am busy. imagine! he is asking green to be his agent, this idiot has the nerve and she is a bigger idiot for staying with him. i guess they deserve one another.

1760 days ago


Um, if the question was live performance, Spencer wins. Diana was not performing, she was dead

1760 days ago


Diana may not have been performing at her funeral but other artists were. But can Heidi's lip-syncing really be classified as "performing".

1760 days ago


NEWS FLASH 1 - Her lip synching and horrible and humorous attempt at dancing (two left feet, totally pigeon toed, and tripping all over herself) can hardly be defined as a "performance". Not even close! She was a total mess. a train wreck, and an embarrassment. She still is! And she happily brags she picked the hideous outfit that blended in with her pale ass skin.

NEWS FLASH 2 - The billion people tuned in ONLY to see the beautiful girls in the competition. Unfortunately, to see who the winner was, we had to get through the brutal non-performance of this idiot first! I guarantee you, NONE of the 1 billion tuned in to watch Heidi!

1760 days ago

Go to and get free money !!

1760 days ago


To # 16 & 17, you need to listen to the ENTIRE audio. It begins with Spencer saying it was "the most televised viewed performance in the history of the world". However, in the middle of the audio, the DJ clearly states it NOT to be "the most watched episode of television ever". And Spencer is stating that YES it was the most watched episode of television ever. So he owes the $1000 to the radio station.

1760 days ago


Elton John perfomed a Princess Diana's funeral. Either way, Pratt was wrong

1760 days ago


I would love to see this kid in downtown toronto so he could accidently fall down the stairs and fall onto my steeltoe boot. straighten him out.
He's oviously just a punk kid,in ten years he;ll realize himself all alone in a room jerking off to heidi's Hit singles...Dont get me started on that whore turned priest...wonder he she reads passages from the bible while giving head..gooble,google....Spenser Listen

1760 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    


1760 days ago

NKOTB fan    

JoJo & Reagan rock!!! I heard this...and the bastard rat should pay up!!!! What an idiot

1760 days ago


That means she should be 1 billion times more humiiiated and embarassed. They are about the most worthless fame whores to date!!! Even trumping the Jacksons!!!

1760 days ago

The Biker Pastor    

Make Him Pay, He is a load mouth nothing, Trying to be a somebody by Bad Behavior, Let Me Meet Up With You, I will Lay Holy Hands, On Second Thought, You are NOT WORTH IT, Repent You IDIOT

1760 days ago


Does the Speidi trainwreck duo *actually* believe that people tuned in to watch Heidi perform a nauseatingly cheesy, dull, talentless performance? Have they neglected to remember that most people who watch the pageant watch it for the half-naked chicks parading around the stage?

Seriously, this is like a third-rate singer declaring that millions of people tune into a major league baseball game just to watch them mangle the anthem.

1760 days ago


As much as it hurts me to say it, i'm with Speidi here, a funeral is not a performance.
However I would double check those numbers a billion watched that show? Not very likely.
Could it be that a billion COULD watch the show, not actually did so.

1760 days ago
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