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A Tom-Free Day with Katie & Suri

11/23/2009 3:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Adorable Suri Cruise was allowed to roam freely around NYC with her birth mother Katie Holmes. Check out all the the photographic evidence of their girls day out.



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What kind of mother and father continuously takes their child out in cold weather in sleeveless clothes? If it is cold enough outside to wear a jacket or coat, common sense should tell them that their child needs the same. Where is Child & Human Services in New York City? Someone please forward the pictures of Suri to the proper authorities in New York....this child needs help. Katie needs rescuing from her crazy spouse also. Perhaps we should send coats for Suri.....

1609 days ago

David M.    

Who in the hell cares!!!!!!

1609 days ago


Hellllooooo!!! Where is this child's coat?! She's in New York; it's late autumn; It's COLD!!

Does scientology say not to dress your children appropriately when it's cold out?

1609 days ago

Beach Rose    

I know, right? That was the first thing I noticed...everyone else is bundled up in sweatshirts and jackets, and poor little darling Suri is in a sleeveless dress! WTF? Are these people that oblivious? Someone needs to put a sweater on that baby and feed her mom a sandwich, for crying out loud! The nanny should be paying more attention to Suri than to the paparazzi.

1609 days ago


Has anyone read the new Star mag about Katie and Tom's marriage? It had a part in there about how Tom lets Suri do whatever she pleases like eat cupcakes for breakfast and draw on the walls. It also stated that Katie has said that there are many days when Suri won't even let her touch her hair. I'm thinking that Suri pitches a fit about wearing a coat so the parents give in. IMO

1609 days ago

NY Mom    

I agree with the comments being made about this child never wearing a coat. The other day her photo was in the NY Post to show her wearing heels, which is ridiculous. But I said to my hubby that at least for once she was wearing a coat. They either have her in nothing or wrapped in a blanket like a baby. Doesn't Tom have enough money to dress this child properly? NYC in November, even on a "warm" day still requires a jacket, not a sleeveless dress. I guess all their money can't buy them a clue.

1609 days ago


They are raising their child in the true Scieno way. No boundaries. They don't think of children the way we do. They think of them as tiny adults who know what they are doing. Scientologists are morons.

1609 days ago


If Suri is that out of control that she refuses to wear a coat and they LET her get away with this OR if her mom is a complete moran and would rather SHOWOFF her daughters designer dresses than keep her warm and healthy, that kid is going to be one troubled DIVA someday. Boy are these two "parents" going to regret all this!!! To bad Suri will have to pay for their stupidity.

1609 days ago

Five Letters - WINTER    

Why are Tom and Katie always dressed weather appropriate, but never Suri. Why does it appear that they are forcing her to grow up so fast with high heel shoes? She is begining to look like a little on lady as opposed to a little girl.

1609 days ago

Dorothy Gardner    

Obviously, Suri rules the roost. If the Princess refuses to wear a coat despite the temperature, then her 'providers' must comply with her wishes. Notice 'providers' not 'parents', big difference.

1609 days ago


To #17 ginny--

The phrase "Suri...roam freely with her birth mother..." means that Suri can be out and about with her mom Katie Holme, but unfortunately (because of some wierd Xenu rules) Isabella can't roam freely with her mom Nicole. Ever notice that?


1609 days ago


TMZ: Please stop following children, especially Suri. With Tom Cruise as a father, she's already at risk of being majorly f'd up. Don't make it worse.

1609 days ago


They're just making sure she is just to the cold when the spaceships come to take all the scientologists away. It is cold in space don't ya know?

They probably see here as the incarnation of their spaceleader?

1609 days ago


I mean used to the cold. Excuse the bad grammar

1609 days ago


Bella was there too

1609 days ago
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