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Paula Deen Takes a Ham to the Face

11/23/2009 2:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Swine flew ... when somebody threw a packaged ham at an unsuspecting Paula Deen -- and it smacked her right in the face.

Paula Deen: Click to watch
According to CBS Atlanta, it all went down earlier today at an event for Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless.

"You know ... sometimes charity really hurts." -- Rocky III.

UPDATE: No need to worry ... we spoke to Paula's rep, who said Paula didn't break any bones or anything and was simply shaken up by the incident.


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I have to keep reminding myself that such hurtful cruel comments come from people who are full of hurt themselves and/or have such low self-esteem they "enjoy" it when they have a platform to judge. Shame on you!

1795 days ago


her husband seems to be enjoying this scene....a man that does nothing, when his wife gets hit...what a wuss, but then again he's married to the pig and is probably laughing on ther inside as we are laughing on the outside...and the isiot that said at least shes helpinhg out...hell i help out all the time not just on hoildays...the fat pig isnt as nice as most people think, behind the scenes shes just as mean as Martha Stewart, only thing is Martha has more dough than this country ho!

1795 days ago


Somebody threw a pack of ham at her??? Why??? Maybe they didn't have any packs of pastrami or corned beef. Seriously, what a bad thing to do. Hope she's ok.

1795 days ago


I know her being hit was not funny. However the looks on the faces in the still capture was hilarious.

1795 days ago


O MY GOD! Is my MOM OKAY????????????????????????????//

1795 days ago

da bears    

I love how her dopey husband acts like nothing happend !

1795 days ago


Animal rights people rank right up there with Perez Hilton as some of the most mean-spirited, hateful people to walk the earth.

1795 days ago


You people can say whatever you want, I STILL think this is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time! HA HA HAAA!!!! Take THAT you dumb, fur wearing hick!! Hopefully she'll wake up with black eyes and a very sore nose!!

1795 days ago

Tye Tanikk    

Her Husband was like... "YES!!, I've been wanting to do just that for like the longest time, thank you mindless ham thrower for making my dreams come true."

1795 days ago


You people are a-holes... Paula Deen seems like a sweet woman, and the idiot who threw the ham, should get an I.Q. test.

1794 days ago


i don't think that guy threw the ham at her intending to smack her in the mouth with it...she was there for a photo op and it was an accident...

1794 days ago

amazing grace    

Why do some of you always say:"Only in America" when something bad happens? In some countries you get your head cut off, or you get buried up to your waist and stoned if you commit adultery or you get whipped. Stop the constant carping on a good country where most of you get whatever you want, thanks to people who work everyday. And there is nothing funny about someone getting hit. There is nothing funny about a college student getting kicked to death by savages. Your laughing makes it easy for people to stab people in the face on subways. Why don't you grow up and stand for what's right.

1794 days ago


Paula, maybe you have an inkling as to how the pig felt when he was butchered? Or when he was an infant and his teeth were yanked out of his jaw or his tail cut off with no anesthesia. Perhaps this smack in the head was an unconscious sign designed to direct you to develop empathy for all living creatures?

1794 days ago


aja, you are just trash. Fake hypocrite. All you other nasty commentors are the same. Toe jam. Even lower. You stinking, trash talkers think you are so big time commenting meanly on gossip sites. Aren't you cool and clever? Everyone who matters, everyone who is decent, knows that you are just worthless spit.

1794 days ago


AJA: Suck it you PETA FREAK, nobody should be throwing ham in the first's delicious.

1794 days ago
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