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Paula Deen Takes a Ham to the Face

11/23/2009 2:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Swine flew ... when somebody threw a packaged ham at an unsuspecting Paula Deen -- and it smacked her right in the face.

Paula Deen: Click to watch
According to CBS Atlanta, it all went down earlier today at an event for Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless.

"You know ... sometimes charity really hurts." -- Rocky III.

UPDATE: No need to worry ... we spoke to Paula's rep, who said Paula didn't break any bones or anything and was simply shaken up by the incident.


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when they get the person who threw it.....Do you think they will charge him with assult with a "honey-baked" weapon?? Do you think they will throw the "ham" at him????

1764 days ago


why didn't you report as to whether the jack *ss got arrested for hurting her or not ?
she does not look "ok" in that photo.
there she is doing charity work and someone is that much of an idiot to throw something at her ? hope there was an arrest---definitely should have been.

1764 days ago


Hhhhmmmm....I noticed quite of bit of disrespect coming from men. These guys need to recognize where they come from. She is a woman, and without a female to give birth to these men they wouldn't be alive to put them down like they did this poor woman. Makes you wonder what these guys look like like. JUDGE NOT LEST YE BE JUDGED!

1764 days ago

Guy bites big    

Lighten up yall, this gave me a good 10 minutes of laughter on an otherwise crappy day. Thanks Paula! All I need now is a nice sweet potato pie.

1764 days ago


I hope she is okay. I love Paula and I am appalled at the hostile comments being made here. People seem so heartless and cold these days!

1764 days ago


I would love to smack her in the face this woman doesn't need her own cook show nor a line of foods. SHE SUCKS at cooking and her accent is just lame.

1764 days ago


Oh Marian. Do you feel all big and bad now? I'm SO impressed! You can shoot a defenseless animal! Wow, I mean that takes such skill! You must feel like a God taking an innocent life. Here I am, laughing at some bitch who got hit in the face with a ham and making comments about it. Thank you so much for your personal attack on me and on innocent animals. You're such a great person. Your mom must be so proud. LOSER!!!!

1763 days ago


that guy holding the turkey is probably telling her:

"hey miss, would you like to keep the turkey as a souvenir"?

1763 days ago


"turkey flew over the cuckoo's nest"

1763 days ago


Just wrong...what was the guy thinking hauling a ham at someone's face. Good thing she didn't break her nose.

1763 days ago


from what i heard on inside edition she was supposed to be attempting to catch the ham, not that someone just ran up and flung one at her. could be wrong tho. in any case, am i the only one that felt she overreacted a tiny bit? and i'm not a paula hater. the thing barely touched her. why be 'shaken up a bit'? what, is she getting death threats or something? c'mon. what do you have to be upset about?

1763 days ago


OMG! Her husband just stands there smirking!! I say he did that. Finally just got tired of all that flirting she does when a young guy comes onto her show.

1762 days ago


It looks like she was just hit on the arm by the ham and just brought her hands up to her face in shock.

Her husband looks like he's always stoned. Is his face paralyzed? He creeps me out, too.

1762 days ago


Come on, the woman has five chins, she couldn't have possibly felt anything. There's enough fat on that face to soften the blow.
This is sweet karma at its best. The pain she felt after getting hit in the face by a canned ham is nothing compared to the miserable life billions of animals must endure only to be inhumanely slaughtered so they can end up on the dish of an obese person like Paula's.
She's disgusting and a perfect representative of what is so wrong with this country...people stuffing their faces so they don't have to deal with reality.

1760 days ago


haha! HAM FACE!

1567 days ago
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