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Lady GaGa Goes Down in Canada

11/30/2009 2:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Another slip for Lady GaGa ... only this time it didn't involve her nipple.

GaGa fell on her partially-bared ass during a performance in Canada this weekend -- right around the :20 mark. But like a true pro, GaGa immediately pulled herself up and began dancing like nothing happened.

... it's gonna be O.K.


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i just want 2 know why you all talk crap about lady gaga. when she is just being herself and has nothig to hide

1774 days ago


The fact that people are calling her a Britney wannabe actually made me laugh out loud. She's NOT lipsynching, she never does, the singing in the background is necessary because on the original track the talking goe sover the singing. She writes her own songs, which is a damn sight more than Britney does. Madonna didn't even write all her own songs when she started out. Why should GaGa apologize to you narrrow minded people who obviously listen to whatever the radio spoon feeds you, and you don't know proper music when you see it? when you can do what she does every single night, then you can pass judgement. until then, piss off and continue worshipping the queen of lip synching and bad dancing: Miss Britney Spears.

1764 days ago

Irish Angel    

For crying out loud, she is NOT (or HE) the only one to write HERS/HIS music, a lot of other talented people in the music industry do, and they actually carry on good talent. Nelly Furtado, Christina Aguilera, Cher, Cindy Lauper, Rihanna, Exc. Their are talented singers/songwriters who don't go dancing around ass slutty to get attention. Some of her songs are fun to listen to, but I don't think she's actually as different from others as she tries to be other then the fact that she cries out for attention. In an interview she looked JUST like Madonna and she also looks just LIKE Gwen Stefani. It's cool that she's inspired by them, but why dress LIKE them, and not be your own person, why not speak for women in a different way other than dressing/acting like that? I like independent women in the music industry, like Janet Jackson, Beyonce, Cher, Cyndi, Exc. This chick is just someone who is like a Puppet, who dances around and does things to make people like her in the wrong way. NO offense!

1755 days ago


Wow, cool. I love Lady Gaga.

1264 days ago

Viettel Plaza    

Wow, cool. I love you Lady Gagaall in one

1066 days ago

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