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Troopers Ticket Tiger over Crash

12/1/2009 5:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods' car crash is really gonna cost him ... $164.

FHP Presser: Click to watch
The Florida Highway Patrol just said Tiger will be given a ticket for careless driving -- the result of Friday's single-vehicle crash.

The FHP said the investigation is complete and it will not seek any search warrants for his medical records.

The agency also says no one involved has made claims of domestic violence.


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New Nike Slogan: Just Deny It. ~

1785 days ago


Is that Phil Mickelson in earrings giving the press conference?

1785 days ago


TMZ, I just saw a man drive off the road! It was illegal! Can you spend twenty or thirty posts on it and figure out what happened?


1785 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Domestic violence laws are a legal tool to help women gain the advantage of the guys stuff in a divorce. Men, as we see here, rarely use domestic violence laws. the cops are no help too.

1785 days ago


Florida cops let OJ walk when he beat on his girlfriend, I think they have a thing for famous black men who golf.

1785 days ago


TMZ will never apologize for their lies....they just move on to their next victim.....

Harvey Levin has no soul....but he DOES have a dead muskrat that sits on his head....

1785 days ago

Fred Farkel    

I have a guy doing some consulting work for me.

His wife has gone all menopausal on him... separate bedrooms, then her own apartment, then all of a sudden out of nowhere, while he is working at this desk AND contemplating how to save his marriage... here comes EIGHT COPS up his driveway to question him about DV.

Apparently the cops left him alone... luckily most cops can see through these bitches and their lies... but my FRIGGIN GOD that could have been a disaster.

WTF bitches??

My GDAMN 25 year old son is now swearing that he will never get married.

And I do not blame him.

It ain't worth it NO-MO.

1785 days ago

Mrs Jimi Hendrix    

WOW! people just need to leave Tiger Woods and his wife alone. This is not a big what? he crashed his own vehicle, in his OWN driveway..get over it and move on.

1785 days ago


Have to agree, the system is screwed up.

If a man cheats on his wife, she walks away with half his money and his kids. Fine.

If SHE cheats, she STILL walks away with half your money and the kids, no matter how slutty a mother/wife she is.

Enough coddling in the courts. This isn't 1950. Womens' salaries are now on par with mens. No need to treat them like delicate angels in court anymore.

THE CONCLUSION: Marriage is all-risk for men. The best thing to do is NOT to marry if you can, but if she forces it, get the best lawyer you can afford to draw up a pre-nup so you don't walk out broke when the marriage breaks down.

Screw her objections if she doesn't want it. Be smart. Otherwise you'll be waving to YOUR kids, at YOUR HOUSE, being maintained with YOUR money.

1785 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Feminists (woman good, man bad types) own the government on domestic violence laws and enforcement & family laws.

Here in Cincinnati my neighbor violently attacked her husband, breaking three of his ribs. Falling to the ground, his head banged into hers. When the police arrived, she was bragging how she had assaulted her husband. Despite the fact that she was the aggressor, the man was also arrested. The woman was released from jail on her own recognizance. But the judge required the injured man to post a $10,000 bond.

1785 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Men are far less likely to report domestic violence compared to women. They do not want to lose a job from being jailed.

1785 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

men are chumps

1785 days ago

The Seer    

Notice how everyone in this story looks more than a little bit uncomfortable as they lie through their teeth to protect golf's "golden child?"

The American dream is faded. There's no more middle class. There's THEM, the filthy rich who are above the law, and there's the rest of US poor suckers.

And it's up to the "rest of us" to vote that sheriff in FL OUT OF OFFICE. Anyone IN an elected office who plays the "celebrity justice" card needs to fear the masses of us who are sick of this crap, not the people with the money. One thing for sure: There are millions of our votes to every ONE of a rich person's.

Enough already.

1785 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

As men, we all know that a woman's primary objective is to marry. After years of experience I've discovered their most commonly used strategy. here it is:

1. Girl pressures guy for marriage.

2. Guy delays.

3. Girl gradually starts destroying guy's self-esteem and eliminating his friends.

4. Guy becomes too weak and too much of a loser to find something better than what he has.

5. Girl starts to limit sex. In effect controlling the only good thing in the guy's life.

6. Guy is in despair. Capitulates to marriage.

Then 5-10 years later the guy is an empty shell of his former self. Girl is a ruthless manipulating machine. Girl divorces "loser" husband. Girl takes 80% of guy's stuff because the courts hate fathers. Girl lives happily ever after. Guy becomes bald alcoholic who dies of heart attack at 55 years old.

1785 days ago


Many of you don't sound like good candidates for marriage. Stay single. It's better for everyone.

1785 days ago
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