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Tiger Woods' Voicemail

My Wife Is Onto Us

12/2/2009 12:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Us Weekly has just posted a voicemail allegedly left by Tiger Woods for his alleged mistress -- Jaimee Grubbs.


In the call, you hear someone who sounds just like Tiger telling Jaimee to remove her name from her own voicemail, because Tiger's wife Elin "went through my phone and may be calling you."

As we previously reported, Jaimee bragged about her relationship with Tiger to co-workers and even played them this voicemail at work.

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Dani, Tiger owes you NOTHING.Owes the world Nothing. The only one he owes something to is his family. I really doubt that he will lose his golf career over an affair. If that were true Kobe Bryant would not be in Basketball. Leave this man alone and his family alone.

1748 days ago


As wrong as cheating is who the hell keeps recordings like that unless you intend to screw someone over.

These women deserve to be treated like trash if they are going to act like trash!

1748 days ago


Love and commitment is a rare find these days. We are a world of instant gratification, me-first, let's have kids without marriage society. A good marriage takes WORK and today's breed don't like anything that takes work. Yet, people are less happy these days. There is a restlessness and continual seeking of happiness There is something to be said about monogamy and commitment. There's going to be a lot of lonely old people.

1748 days ago


Oh please, that voice sounds like me more then Tiger besides I find it odd that ALL of a sudden people are coming out of the woodwork saying this and that, if she had this so called stuff on Tiger why not come out long ago ? why do it now? can someone say 15 mins of fame????

1748 days ago


Just because you give your number out to some random groupie does that mean your a cheater, how do we know that this was'nt about business look what this chick does, and if someone was putting out to the media that I was suppposedly cheating I would of left the same message to someone my wife did'nt know even if she was a friend. all the someones I dont know.

1748 days ago


Who esle in the world is named Tiger? He got caught.

I'm sure video will be coming out soon on he and him and the women he has had affairs with.

And his wife just had a baby, shame on him. Well she sure will be able to cash in big time. Major child support payments.

And now, more women are coming forward. And I'm sure they all have the proof to back up their stories.

1748 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Adultery is legal. Tiger committed no crime. Everyone knows USA marriage is meaningless.

1748 days ago


What? The lady has no class because she leaked the truth? And so what does that make Tiger? Tiger is the one who is married out cheating on his wife. I would say HE is the one who has no class.

Posted at 8:55AM on Dec 2nd 2009 by Nikeee
It takes two to tango. They both made their decisions. To go out and presumably accept money to rub dirt into the wound now that she can make money off it is truly classless and shows a total disrespect for him - and herself!

1748 days ago


No it is NOT HIM. Why would he start out by saying, "uh...it's me.. tiger" who does that! More than likely he would have said "uh..yeah..it's me" It's a fake!

1748 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Will the FL police issue an cheating citation?

1748 days ago


Clearly fake and the timing is not coincidental.

1748 days ago

doc murry    

what a dumbass.rule number 1 dont get caught you moron.he will go down in history as one of the dumbest golfers in the world,i predict he will kill himself in less than 2 weeks.run elfie run and take your children with you,run run run....oh the humanity.those poor kids will live with this shame forever.

1748 days ago


So.....another douchebag man who can't keep it in his pants. She needs to leave his ass and take a HUGE chunk of his money with her!

1748 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

this whore was paid a lot of money for this celeb sex story.

1748 days ago


If he had a chance to save his marriage; you guys threw more logs into the fire!!!!!!!!!!!!

1748 days ago
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