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Tiger Woods' Alleged Mistress Kills

12/6/2009 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods' alleged mistress Jaimee Grubbs couldn't have said it better than Ed Hardy.

Here Jaimee is ... partying it up in Calabasas, CA.

As for the dude talking to her ... RUN!!!


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That's A Man Baby    

Wonder why the white chicks never give the puerto rican guys a chance at it.

1790 days ago




1790 days ago

Sad sad    

Why? He probably want's to jump on the fame train too.

1790 days ago


Tiger, you look like a fish and your 4 whores are average at best.. face like frying pans! Do yourself a favor and smarten up... get hot high priced hookers, maybe them a few thousands dollars, they will shut their trap and you wouldn't have run into this problem you big douche

1790 days ago

Ewww, ick    

There she is... out and about, searching for her missing breasts. After her People Magazine debut I'm sure she'll finally have enough to buy some fake boobies.

1790 days ago


HOLD UP DUG, don't rush to judgement yet!! i think they are getting

1790 days ago

Paulie Wants a Cracker    

What the F? Tiger cheated on his wife for that. She looks like a trailer park skank, she is skinny but she doesn't have a shape. She looks like a boy. Who in the world wears Ed Hardy anymore? Have you ever noticed this Jaimee girl has no style, she wears those stupid silver heart bracelets and necklaces that are so 9 years ago. her clothes are tacky and she just doesn't have mojo. What Tiger ever saw in this girl is beyond me, she has no style and her body is boring. Go workout girl, eat healthy and stop being tacky.

1790 days ago


Ok, I confess. I'm one of his mistresses too. I was trying to play it off like I was just another gossip hound but I'm actually his number one ho'. These other four bitches are just occasional booty calls. I am the real deal Holyfield. I don't need to settle for any million dollar payoffs.

Tiger's mistress Boob Job Pictures!

1790 days ago


I take it looks didn't matter to Tiger. Her stomach looks lumpy like Tara Reid's, no chest, ugly face and bad hair.

1790 days ago


Apparently, just as we learned about the secret real messages going on in Black Churches from Rev. Wright---there is a now not so secret right of passage for successful Black Men in Sports, Entertainment, and even Pastorship, to go through to truly have "arrived"...gotta cheat on your wife with a stable of white women.

Lets name them, and do note most have some kind of cute little nickname (whats up with that?) OJ, Magic, Cos, Wilt the Stilt, Sir Charles, MJ, Jesse, Ali, Tiger....every one of them either had a stable of white ho's, shacked up with one, had a baby mamma with one, or got HIV from one.

In some cases, as in recent lifetime achievement recipients case, Bill Cosby, he liked to drug them first before having his way with them.

Guess its a throwback to the Slavery days when White men had their way with Black women or something----dudes ought to go to their own homelands like Rwanda and see what real modern day black on black slavery looks like. This wasnt something exclusive to white people. Black people in Africa butcher their slaves so tone down the white folks are devils----apparently Malcom never went searching for Black over Black slavery.

Another Black Icon knocked down a notch after the Mass Media, and Oprah did all they could to try and make them something they were not.

Heck, Tigers old man was a Ho chasing Green Beret who married a Mama San ho on R and R while in Thailand. Dude never taught his own son how to treat a lady properly.

Folks here in Chicago are jamming the phone lines of Radio shows with their own stories of Tigers foul mouth, sexist acting, hitting up on all that moves while here on the PGA tour--he does this all with the hired help and those hired to serve he and his entourage and in the high class restuarants in private rooms for the entourage.

he's not just a Cad---he's a louse of a human being.

1790 days ago

who dat    

She has a nice tight hot looking box lunch. Truth in advertising.

1790 days ago


Nice C-cection scar she is sporting!

1790 days ago

Greg Woods    

Lay off my bro. yo

1790 days ago


here is a prime example of slutdome. a prime example of what every lil girl in america aspires to be! a quickie slut who only cares about fame and a camera in her face and if they see someone moderatly famous they hone in and have sex with them just so they could say the did. what is this world turning into. i swear to all you tmz'ers right now in 20 wait no 10 years little 5 years olds will be wearing cleavage shirts even though they have no cleavage and they'll all start having sex earlier and you wanna know why? because of that whore in that picture and tv and thats why todays society of girls want to be like this slutty whore bimbo dumb attention craving p.o.s

1790 days ago


I like it

1790 days ago
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