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Palin's Parenting Tip

Teach Your Kids to 'Obey!'

12/7/2009 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Her book's called "Going Rogue," but Sarah Palin is a stickler for obedience ... at least when kids are involved.

Sarah Palin: Click to watch
We got the VP wannabeen in DC this weekend, where we asked the mother of five "What's the best thing a mother can say to her kids?" Her response: "Obey ... listen to what we say!"

Mother always knows best ... right?


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I meant to say, "didn't do such a good job with you".

1779 days ago


Can this woman please just go away?!

1779 days ago


I am sorry but I do not believe anything that comes out of her mouth. She really acting like she has lost whatever mind she has, she is always saying something when within minutes say she did not say that, and she wants us to vote for her for President or VP I don't think so!!!

1779 days ago


you people chanting go sarah are morons. she got her FIRST passport in 2006. in other words she had never traveled at all until that point. she couldnt even finish her first term as governor of ALASKA. how can you seriously think someone with her background is equpped to run the country?? WTF?????

1779 days ago


This wannabee is the last one that should be talking about be a good parent. come on people, her young daughter already has a kid, she paraded ALL her kids around to help wins some votes and now she writes a book and she is off doing book signing tours, yeah right this is a mom to be proud of.

1779 days ago


TRUE. Sarah does know best, and she is a GREAT LEADER.

and to all that plan to slam this, AT LEAST SHE IS A TRUE AMERICAN. ARE YOU??

1779 days ago


She's hot I want to ... her

1779 days ago


Oh stick it JJ. You nut jobs just keep defending this idiotic conservative fool. The whole damn point of this story is that she failed her own daughter but has the nerve to give parenting advice! Yes SHE failed her daughter. Yes teens make mistakes, we all know that, but most of us also know you have to educate and communicate with your children. Knowing that just say 'obey' didn't work for her and to still harp on THAT as the best parenting advice you can give is foolish, ignorant and typical of this loud mouth, do as I say not as I do, christian conservative republican hypocrite.

1779 days ago

Right Wing Rick    

Talk about bitches and skanks. What a bunch of gutless morons. Takes a lot of guts and intellect to hide behind your computer
and shout out obscene remarks. Products of the left controlled
media and "The One" no doubt. Congrats on your intellectual contribution. Disgusted with the gutless left wing moronic dribble.
Go Sara! God;Family;Country. PROUD Conservative

1779 days ago

She is hot    


Credentials and quaification for Obama( Communty Organizer and in the senate for 143 days)

Obama, cash for clunkers( FAIL), Olympic bid(FAIL), Taxing just people make over $250,000 (FAIL), Spending more of our money for broken programs (FAIL), still believing in Global Warming after ClimateGate(FAIL), making "decision" on Afghanistan to send troops after 100 days (FAIL)

Hmmmm, all this "great" work in almost a year? Yea, maybe Bristol Palin had unprotected sex and had a child. I am sure you and many one of these commentors on hear obeyed their parents about sex??

1779 days ago


ONLY way you can defend this fool is by ignoring facts and believing crap like "shes a TRUE american" Thats total redneck logic.

If you want to support a republican- find one with some kind of education who doesn't quit in their first term. She reminds me of a female Bush- in WAY over her head and totally controlled by advisors in the background.

1779 days ago


by obey, i suppose she means telling her children not to have premarital sex...

or by listening to drs orders when they tell you you cant fly during your third trimester of a pregnancy (or flying after your water broke)...

she should be shot...

1779 days ago


Communty Organizer and in the senate for 143 days)

WTF? He was a state senator for more than 3 years. Go count again. He also went to Ivy league schools.

Olympic bid fail is your second reason for disapproving of him? Wow. You make tons of sense. He can function as a politican on a global level. I have no idea how you would get that impression from her.

1779 days ago


Please don't ever elect this racist bitch into the White House.
Thanks in advance.

1779 days ago


She sure sets a fine example. Her oldest child gets preggers out of wedlock at 17. Didn't she tell her not to have sex? Oh ya, good republican christian family, no sex discussed.
This joke is the reason I left the republican party after over 40 years. At the rate they are going Obama will be president for life, they can't find anyone to run against him that stands a chance.

1779 days ago
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