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Slick Tiger

Apologizes to Chevron

12/7/2009 9:13 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods found time in his self-imposed exile to reach out to the people who mean the most to him -- his sponsors.

Tiger dropped another note on to his website yesterday saying, "As the final round of the Chevron World Challenge begins, I would like to extend my heartfelt thank you to everyone affiliated with the event, especially our amazing title sponsor, Chevron."

Tiger also thanked "all of our supporting sponsors" as well as the staff who worked on the event -- and then apologized to everyone saying, "I am so grateful to them for their efforts, and I am sincerely sorry I was unable to fulfill my duties as host and player in this important event."

Last week, Tiger used his website to offer his "profound apology" for his "transgressions" in the wake of that infamous car crash.

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No Avatar


Gotta let The Tiger out sometime.

1782 days ago


Where da asian and black women at?

1782 days ago


Kirsty Gallacher is the unidentified British TV presenter he had an affair with.

1782 days ago

Yolanda Nixon    

Translated: Keep giving me money even though I'm a low-life.

1782 days ago


Notice how this wuss is still trying to control his nose dive through his website and lawyers? What a slap across the face for him not to make a televised statement for the tournament that bears his name! He claimed to not show up due to injuries in a car wreck. His people insisted it was "minor". If its so damn minor why does he talk to Chevron through a website statement that was carefully crafted by one of his spin doctors and not by him????? Step up to the mic wussy girl without an attorney speaking for you, speak for yourself.STOP HIDING behind walls, gates, websites and a phalanx of lawyers.
This lying cheating, Ambien dropping twit is just like Elvis or M Jackson...they live in a world they create. They get so out of touch they don't even know how to be honest to themselves anymore. PATHETIC!

1782 days ago


I'd love to know prior to getting caught how many times Tiger offered his "heartfelt thanks" to his sponsors? My guess - NONE!

1782 days ago


We're all watching, because this guy is the epitome of "train wreck" ...
Tigger, the person you REALLY screwed is YOURSELF!!

1781 days ago


Tiger is in hiding,Rachel is in hiding. I bet both are on Tiger's yacht doing you know what.

1778 days ago


If you never play golf again but master your passions and become a faithful husband, you will also be a champion of a different sort.
What does it profit a person to gain the whole world (and you've come close) and to lose his soul?

1778 days ago


Do not let himm off the hook , He should be going to court on DUI... He has deceived everyone .
Pull all sponsers

steriod im sure!!! coke booze pills ( ill bet he was never tested )

double standard , no more DUIs for anyone this year .. only fair

1778 days ago


more dirt ,,,, look into caddy ...dont let these guys make complete fool of us ,

1778 days ago

The Cowardly Tiger    

Tiger Woods - you are a weak coward! Bro, get with it and stop hiding behind your website. You are not that the man you think you are. Sure, you're a great golfer, especially under pressure. But, you are self imploding and the longer you hide my mutt brother, the harder it will be for you! MAN UP!

1778 days ago


While revelations of Tiger's "off-course" antics are riveting, the fact that Tiger's bad sportsmanship on the course was covered up for so long is just as amazing. His behavior apparently included throwing clubs, profanity and other basically spoiled, boorish behavior towards "fans". It sure would say something about his sponsors if they pulled their support because this side of Tiger's behavior has finally been brought out and not because of his "indoor" sports.

1777 days ago


Tiger,never mind what you did to your fans and sponsors, but look at the humiliation and disloyalty you did to your wife and kids. Some of your mistresses are saying that you didn't even use protection. WOW!!! I sure hope your wife gets checked for STD. Not to mention you might end up with AIDS. Or better yet, you should be glad you didn't end up dead like Steve McNair. When you play with fire, you will get burned.

1777 days ago


Have any of the incredible repositories of knowledge here given any thought to the possibility that there could be more to this than just sex. Meanwhile, why don't we/you give this young man an opportunity to attempt reconciliation with his wife and family. He is still just a human being, and as such, is entitled to be treated with some degree of dignity. I disagree with what he has done, but at this point he doesn't need to be constantly beaten up by the late-night comics, the press, and us. Accept him for this: he is indeed the greatest golfer in history, and has given us many hours of terrific entertainment. Whatever else goes on is entirely his and his wife's business.

1777 days ago
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