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Barbara Walters Refuses to Run Gay Kiss

12/10/2009 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Adam Lambert was featured on Barbara Walters' "The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2009" special on ABC last night -- but the most fascinating part, Babs refused to air footage of Lambert's infamous man-on-man kiss.

Adam Lambert & Barbara Walters: Click to watch
Walters didn't shy away from the issue on the ep, making several references to it -- but ultimately explaining how Adam "turned the music industry inside out doing things we won't show you here."

FYI, Babs decided to air a "straight" lip-lock featuring Jon and Kate Gosselin.


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I am already sick of this guy....time for him to go. His album is already falling down the charts. The 15 minutes are at 14:45.

1687 days ago


oh...and..I luv Janet Jackson. BUT...why did no one say anything about her grabbing the dancer crotch in the opening act?

1687 days ago

Sarah Weeks    

Sounds to me it is because Lambert is and admitted gay and that thing Lady Gaga is not. If she admitted that she is a lesbian, would that make a difference. What is the difference girl/girl, boy/boy.

1687 days ago


Not one transgender on transgender kiss anywhere to be found on the mass media. Please TMZ, get some transgender people there to run the show...gays and lesbians are 8% of the population where transgenders are only 1% - this is the true minority. How can long can Barbara Walters ignore this?! She should be fired immediately!!

Carrie Prejan is probably against transgenders marring other transgenders.

This is a cause that must be taken up. Please TMZ, this is important, we need you.

1687 days ago


Cbs soap opera as the world turns shows guys kissing

1687 days ago


He pushed the envelope and it fell off the table. Boo Hoo. I don't want to see a guy on guy kiss. If you look back, our societies fads are breaking rules. Ultimately becomming norm. Pull your pants up. Now they hang to the knees. Tell them not to , your taking away rights. Funny how much energy it takes to spent all your time defending your right to do what you want especially when the reaction isn't want you wanted and oh how it falls back on us , who don't want to see it in our entertaiment here we are defending ourselves. He took an avantage of an oppurtunity based on his TALENT. What he did was wrong and I hope he is an exapmle that no and you don't have to understand, heck if you don't it's more for you anyway, We're not ready for that. I think there are countries you can do that in openly. Who is really being offened here!

1687 days ago


By watching TV today you would thinks gays are 50% of the population and not 4%. We are sick of having it shoved in our faces. We get it, there are homos out there. No get back in the closet, the world was much better.

1687 days ago


Good for Barbara. She probably realized that most of America don't want to see this flammer make out with another guy (who claims to be straight by the way. My ass). When will these pro gay agenda people realize that most normal (i.e straight) people don't want to see gay dudes make out and do gay sex acts on live national T.V? Stop forcing your views upon us. If you're gay, that's your own business, but don't go on live national T.V and put on a gay S&M sex slave performance with no warning to anyone.

1687 days ago


While I can hardly believe Ms. Walters refused to air something that MIGHT boost her ratings, I do applaud her for this. All I can say is Lambert. Maybe it's time America to pull the plug on the TV set. Modern media has a disproportionate number of homosexuals. It is part of their agenda to seduce the country little by little by exposing us to more explicit images. Just don't buy the advertised products and turn off the set. Pay attention. There are lessons to be taught and lessons to be learned. Money talks.

1687 days ago


Im in my 50's and love his music. So what if he kissed a guy and was grinding his man part on stage. What about Michael Jackson's grabbing his crotch for over a decade. No one said anything about that..Is it because he's anglo and wears gothic makeup? Is it because he's so handsome that both male and females are turned on by him? No it's because he's willing to entertain the masses. I kissed a girl and I liked it song went to number 1. No riots in the street about that one. This is so one sided. It's ok for a black entertainer to crap on whites, but dare a white do that to a black and it's racist. Well I'm so sick of the PC's. Just let the young man sing like he wants.

1687 days ago


I don't think it's as much about the kiss as it is him having some guy simulate ORAL SEX on him on national television! I don't care if it's a guy on a girl, girl on a girl, or guy on a guy...that's too much, and during hours children could be watching! No parents or even people in general were prepared to see that...he can cry 'homophobe' all he wants, but it's simply about having some tact.

1687 days ago


babs please,
who the hell are you, surely not the moral compass because you've been around forever and a day. executive, schmecutive - who are you to decide what is moral and/or immoral if this is the case here. so long VIEW until babs is off that show for me. and take that little elizabeth too!

1687 days ago

Woody McBreairty    

Barbara Walters is a has-been with a loud mouth. Her "most fascinating" people could be picked by a 10 year old - she simply picks the people at the top of the news chain so SHE can get more attention. My left foot has more talent than Barbara Walters. It seems like her bug-eyes and taut skin and fish mouth with it's little lisp will be around forever. There's no fool like an old fool...

1687 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Adam Lambert is a Nasty Freak. He doesn't sing, he screeches. Can't stand the sight of him.

1687 days ago


Babs is an old women who has lost her memory (but retained her speech impediment). What about Elvis in the early days? And for God's sake--Madonna and Britney Spears. That's ok. This is so ridiculous. I'm old too, but I really feel that anyone over 40 should not be on t.v. or directing t.v.--unless they speak to me first!!!!

1687 days ago
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