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Bouncers Fired Over Brawl at Jay-Z's Club

12/10/2009 2:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Warning: This video contains graphic and violent images. Viewer discretion is advised.

's 40/40 Club in Atlantic City has fired several members of the club's security team -- after videotape surfaced showing several bouncers ferociously beating two men in the club's parking lot last month.

TMZ spoke with Couri Glen, the former supervisor of security at the club, who told us, "We were initially all suspended and then fired for misconduct."

Glen claims he and his team feel they were wrongly terminated because they were "just doing our jobs." Glen claims he initially approached the men because of complaints they were groping women. Glen says he tried to escort the men out of the club ... and that's when they began "swinging" at security members.

The patrons have stated that they did nothing to provoke the attack.

The firing came as a complete shock to another member of the security team, who told us, "I lost 2 jobs because I was wearing another company's shirt because 40/40 said they didn't have my size shirt to wear ... so they told me just to wear that one. The other company saw the video and fired me 3 days later."


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jim goosh    

Yup. I completely agree with poster # 1

1781 days ago

oh brother    

Finally, JAY-Z makes a correct call. These security guards crossed the line from human to animals. They truly went overboard. This video makes me sick.

1781 days ago

Grandpa Giggles    

I didn't do nothin'! The got-dayum bitch set me up!

1781 days ago

oh brother    

Not only should they be fired, they should also be charged and locked up. Filth of the earth.

1781 days ago


Ughhh...I guess i'll have to ask the obvious question; why did they need to stomp these guys out instead of just throwing them out of the club? I can't believe those two guys aren't suing Jay-Z, the club and whatever company provided the security.

Anyone who's familiar with Atlantic City should know that these guys are pretty typical of the locals you'll find a few blocks in from the Casinos, so it's not really surprising.

1781 days ago


This is insane... the security guards could have easily controlled the situation through restraint, but from the video you can see that different security guards were loading up punches, kicks and headlocks... They should be fired, charged and locked up for their savageness.

1781 days ago


Thank goodness they were fired. I'm glad JayZ and 40/40 handled this appropriately. I hope it sends a message to club owners and bouncers that enforcing security is one thing and assault is another.

This video disturbed me so much. I abhor violence, but beating drunken patrons who don't have the capacity to protect themselves or the wits about them to leave is beyond violent. It is brutality. The proper thing to do is escort them outside and hold them until officers of the law can come to your aid. There was enough security to handle this in a more dignified manner.

1781 days ago


I can't believe this, I am glad that they were fired. Those security guards were out of control. How many does it really take to bring those people outside until the police come?
And for that guy who was fired from both jobs... you should have just not been out there to begin with. I have no sympathy for those animals.

1781 days ago

Sin D    

Yea...that's about right considering the scene/location and those involved. The lost generation grows.

1781 days ago


No one cares if a bouncer smacks a guy while walking him out but to assault them and keep going is out of line.

It really makes you look like a bitch when your trying to be a bad ass in a 8 on 2 fight.

Would you guys need 12 people if they weren't drunk? They all ned to be charged and locked up.

1781 days ago


wow.. that became hard to watch.. now they can behave like that in jail.. whoever filmed this is on point. i put this up there with rodney king video as far as importance.

1781 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

What I saw was criminal conduct, and I hope that this video becomes an exhibit in a civil or criminal case.

1781 days ago


I dont understand why TMZ doesnt remove RACIAL COMMENTS!!!!

1781 days ago


The Bouncers should be charged with assault. I worked in a bar for about 13 years and never had to do that to a person, we would get them to the door and if they acted up outside the Police took care of them.

1781 days ago


Jay Z's got deep pockets. Enjoy.

1781 days ago
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