Michael Jackson Business Sues Phone Book

12/10/2009 9:01 PM PST
The following companies have just been sued by Bravado International Group -- the company that has the rights to distribute shirts, posters and other things Michael Jackson -- for allegedly selling bootlegged stuff in violation of the copyright:

Jin Cha, OK Sportswear, EZ Sportswear, Chang Oh Kim, Chuck Kim, Eden Sports, Justin Ju, Sy Sports, Susan Lee, Susan Yoon, Lee's Family Inc., Green T Corp, Kyung Sook Ma, Cesar Igiesias, Bling Bling Inc., Kauh Un Lee, Arthur Berman, Wacky Planet, Wackyplanet.com, Theplanetshops.com, David Ahoubian, D&T Distribution, Paris Fashions, Clothing Island, Clothingisland.com, Print Liberation, Jaime Dillion, Nick Paparone, Dr. Jay's, Inc., Maggi Fashion Wholesale, Mansour Rokhsarzadeh, Azizi Afshin, Afshin Azzi, Bargain Wholesaler, Wholesaleclothing.com, TBwholesaler.com, Top Brands, Wholesaler, Ahmad Jamhour, Oz Communications, Crazytees.net, Otto Suarez, Olga Lyons, Shop Rumor, Anooshk Zakarian, Esther Lee, Keum Sportswear, Chang Song Lee, African American Dollar Store, Edna Clement Swan, Jack Leiberman, Progressiverags.com, Skreened, Daniel Chrstopher Fox, Shiekh, Shiekh Shoes, Incrediblegifts.com, Daniel Lassoff, Shaky City Blues, Mario Ontiveros, Main Collection, Main Sportswear, Su Young Cho, MB Sportswear, Choung Choe, Right Thang, Hyo Jang Yoon, Buy Merchant, Buymerchant.com, Craig Mentham, Steal Deal, Abraham Davood, Michael Davood, Ebby Davood, The Wild Side, The Wildside.com, Kingsley Syme, Kingley Symes, Setup Site, Harrington Outlets, ObamaTShirts.com, Sour Candy, Shoe Blanace International, Yak Shoe, Wholesale Situation, Jason Aref, Julio Aref, Watch Time, Aziz Ali, Unishow, Gary Chen, rena Chen, Amiline.com, Jian Zhu, Gravity Trading.... AND, Tony in Chong.

Consider yourselves served.