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Tiger Woods Wife -- Swede Revenge

12/12/2009 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Elin NordegrenTiger Woods' wife-for now, Elin Nordegren, bought a six-bedroom house in Sweden on December 1. The burning question -- does Tiger Woods get a bedroom?

Elin sealed the deal and plunked down a reported $2.2 million. It's on a little island near Stockholm that is only accessible by boat.

A representative of the Residential Association says negotiations on the home probably started when the house went on the market back in August -- months before Tiger's "infidelity" came to light.


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Way to go Elin!!! Stay strong. You are too good for him. Move on and find someone who can be loyal to you and who can respect you. He will never change.

1740 days ago

Idol fan No More    

Hey TMZ..when are you going to send people to Thailand. You know he loves the tournament every year there and he muist have another 3-4 to add to his list. Surprised everyone has just settled foe the women in the US.

1740 days ago


I'm sure he'll be very happy going from world famous superstar to being punished by living on some inaccesible island in Sweden. Sort of like serving time on Alcatraz. Being chained down there should get his marriage right back on track. Images of Jack Nicholson in "The Shining" going through my head.

1740 days ago


White women are WHORES!

1740 days ago


What is the source of her income? Being a nanny? If it were not for tiger she would not have that house. Please stop talking trash. With all due respect to Elin and Tiger.

1740 days ago


Woods wife purchased the property with her SISTER, not with her husband....saw a picture of the, $2 million sure doesn't buy much in Sweden, does it.

1740 days ago


You can bet the marriage will be strictly about cashing in for this women from here on out. Tiger won't be gettin any swedish meatballs anytime soon

1740 days ago


He's taking time off from golf to work on his marriage? Yeah great excuse. Didn't seem to care about his marriage when Elin confronted him about his affairs- just kept on having them. Now that it's pubic, he wants to work on his marriage? I think he just can't face the heat and public scrutiny and he wants to go into hiding like the COWARD he is, so he's using working out his marriage as an excuse. You mean he can't play golf and work on his marriage at the same time? What a TWO-FACED COWARD. He has NO HEART at all. Fooled the public for so long, and now afraid to come out!!! Just go slither back to the hole you came from and don't come back.

1740 days ago


So what... poor Kelin... I don't care about her... she is not innocent. She knew Tiger was a freak, but she did what most skanks do, they wanted to ride the bank account train. I will NEVER feel sorry for her! The media can do the poor white blonde crap again... it's typical... if this was a white dude none of this stuff would be covered. THAT'S THE REAL... YOU ALL KNOW IT! Or if Tiger was married to a black woman. Kelin is not even all that! WHATEVER!

1740 days ago


The question that should be asked is if she married him for his money? If so, then you really cannot feel sorry for her. When you marry for superficial reasons you are going to get burned.

1740 days ago



1740 days ago

mack daddy    

The house they bought is a summer house. It is not practical to live their all year round. They own a nice apartment in Óstermalm already.

The winters in Sweden are very dark. They would probably live in the apartment for the Christmas season and spend a lot of time in the summer on the island but I doubt they are moving to Sweden full time.

1740 days ago

Jack King    

Okay, here's what really happened. We all know Erin obviously married Tiger for his money alone (and don't be stupid enough to suggest otherwise). So once she stayed long enough to make it SEEM like she wasn't a gold digger, she paid the other women to seduce Tiger to give her a reason to dump him and take millions of his hard earned money that she did NOT deserve. I mean, come on, the going rate for REALLY good call girls (yes, YOU Erin) is thousands, NOT millions. So all she should get is a few tens of thousands -- maybe. Giving her millions is idiotic.

1740 days ago


Wow. The house looks dreary and so does the area. This is total control. I wonder if Tiger will wear one of those ankle bracelets.
Hey Elin, you can't make your man faithful to you or love you by putting him on a prison island and taking away the only thing he's good at. Yeah, I can see how this is going to work.
If Tiger sustained a closed head injury, it takes weeks and months for it to manifest. Also domestic violence is a dangerous genie. Living on a suffocating, and insular island will take it's toll on Tiger and his kids. This is not a good idea on so many levels. It is a bandaid on a hemmorhage.
He married too young and married the wrong person.

1740 days ago


Enough already lets get to the next patient, it's golf and he was good at it and he likes women who like to go to bed with him. He's not curing Cancer. But keep ripping him apart TMZ. People love it not to mention the money made. Don'ttake more medication then you need, it can kill you.

1740 days ago
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