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Toby Keith Adds Racist Slant to Nobel Party

12/14/2009 7:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Remember 30 seconds ago, when we published that awesome Nobel Peace Prize party footage??? Well, it's ruined now ... thanks to a moment where Toby Keith made a gesture deemed offensive to Asians.

Toby Keith: Click to watch
During "Rapper's Delight," Toby slants his eyes when Will Smith raps the line "to the black, to the white, the red, and the brown, the purple and yellow."

As you can guess, the gesture occurred right when the word "yellow" was uttered -- roughly 1:25 into the footage.

Way to ruin the Nobel Peace Prize party, Toby.


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I miss the good ol' days where you could say whatever you wanted to someone. If they didn't like it, you could just get into a fist fight to settle it, winner got bragging rights, loser went home and nursed his wounds.

Everyone has turned into such big freaking babies, suing at the littlest offense. Grow up, get over it.

1744 days ago


Oh please. It's just silly... and what is worse than a little racial stereotyping? How about hypocrisy, TMZ?

From TMZ May 3, 2009: Miss Vietnam USA Claims Pageant No Pay Her

(Google it, can't find it on TMZ's search function)

1744 days ago


I thought TK was awesome, fit in, rapped, pointed to Will for black, himself for white, slanted his eyes for yellow - why are people called racist for stating the obvious.

Oh and by the way I'm a black guy and thought it was great seeing country and rap perform and bring down the house together!

1744 days ago


don't even see what toby keith was doing. but listening to the other crap is enough to make one ashamed of 'American' music. Ugh - what was that?

1744 days ago


oh get over yourselves !! my husband is asian and would think that was funny - would we expect anything else from toby keith ?

1744 days ago


I'm not the biggest fan of TK, but Asians do have slanted-like eyes. Just like with the Miley thing. Why does pointing out the obvious qualify as racism? That's like getting pissed if someone says white people have light skin.

1744 days ago


I believe this momment was simple ignorance rather than malicious racism.

But then, most rasism is born in ignorance. I personally do not like Toby Keith because of his politics and ignorance - but I think this is a southern thing. It it seems the south just hasn't caught up to the idea that doing the slanty-eye move is offensive. Probably just as offensive as calling someone from the south an in-bred country hick.


1744 days ago


I'm actually offended that you're even asking me if I'm offended. How's that?

1744 days ago

dirty diana    

OMG enough already, alls everyone wants is money!!! everyone hollers race race race!!! I am french AND blonde I hear jokes all the time, I don't cry, for Christs sakes grow up!!! probably the same ones hollering about tiger, poor tiger, he would be a LOSER no matter what color he is!!!! If that were a white guy who wracked up the car at 2.30 am you can damn well bet on a alcohol test THAT night!!!!no........... and the race card is still played. what about when O bama got the peace prize and elected??? what up??? thats pretty damned racist isn't it?!?! shut to hell up about race!!!! now trying to get asians to USE this too!!!! STOP!!!

1744 days ago

dirty diana    

good one dave#47

1744 days ago


Sorry...but the party was ruined when Obama won the prize...

1744 days ago


seriously, who cares....does not even deserve to be posted

1744 days ago


I would be even funnier if the cowboy bent over when they say "white" and make his lips big when they sing "black" and fall on the floor when they sing "red"... then all will be okay!

1744 days ago


i wish i could unsee things

1744 days ago


Gotta love TMZ - they see NOTHING wrong with dissing Italian Americans via sticking up for Jersey Shore and declaring that it's not insensitive with the use of "Guido", but they're right ON it when it's Asians who are dissed. So I guess that insulting white Americans is okay???

1744 days ago
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