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Elin Nordegren -- Strong and Silent

12/15/2009 3:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Elin Nordegren withstood a barrage of harsh questions by a paparazzo (not ours) on her way out of a Thai restaurant near her home in Windermere today.

Elin Nordegren: Click to watch
Elin was holding her baby as the photog unrelentingly questioned her about Tiger Woods' affairs, mistresses, divorce options ... before someone finally said, "How about something nice like, 'how are you holding up?"


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Michael Jackson died?!

When? Are you sure?!!

1773 days ago



1773 days ago

oh yeah    

sshe's holding up quite fine she's been acting from the time she met tiger. when payment day arrives she'll finally stop acting.

1773 days ago


My God people leave her alone!! She has her child in her arms who should not hear all the crap. Elin is amazing under all the hell she has been put through. A true class act. I hope she goes to Sweden for awhile to get away from the crazy paps here in the US. Go after the jerk Tiger, but leave the innocent wife & kids alone!

1773 days ago


I guess she only opens her mouth for Tigers putter................

1773 days ago


KCB you are seriously trying to make this a race pathetic. The victim card never gets old, does it?

1773 days ago


Michael 7., shame on you!!!!

1773 days ago


Ok I get everyone needs a paycheck but seriously her CHILDREN were present. My gawd a line should be drawn at least when the kids are present. Her oldest who I think is what 3 or 4 was just placed in the car and she is holding her 9 month old son and you ask her about this in front of them? Wow that is LOW and I can't believe those q's were coming out of a mouth of a woman paparazzo on top of that. Seriosuly I hope that lady paparazzo realizes how wrong she was. Wow even TMZ realized how wrong that was and that says a lot coming from them.

1773 days ago


poor woman, i feel sorry for her, she has to face the media by herself and the prick it hidding, not fair

1773 days ago


comment 6, i bet your a fat yank with bad breath, you dont even know who your mad at, idiot.

1773 days ago


#8- I agree. I am so sick and tired of the "race card" being played whenever and wherever. If people of every race would just start taking responsibility for their own actions, this world would be a better place.

Tiger is a fantastic golfer and will always be known for that. Unfortunately, he is a poor husband. Whether his wife forgives him or not is their business and theirs alone.

enough already.....

1773 days ago


I feel bad for the child...other than that, who cares...she married him for money and will be getting a nice chunk of change for doing nothing...i dont feel bad for people who dont work for their money....Tiger is a golfer and shouldn't loose his "job" just because he is addicted to sex with ugly women...i dont think any of this affects his swing!

1773 days ago

The Source    

It's amazing how many people posting are saying so many hurtful and negative things about Elin when she did NOTHING wrong. Her husband was unfaithful with not only one woman, but possibly FIFTEEN and possibly many more!

I think this society as a whole has completely gone awry when it comes to marriage and family. Instead of everyone leaving Elin and the children alone, this has turned into a complete circus, fueled by the media.

I know that if I was married and my husband was caught cheating with that many women I probably wouldn't even be able to get out of bed right now, and I'm quite sure I wouldn't be alone in saying this. I think the paparrazi should leave Elin and the children alone and allow her to figure out what's going to be best for her and for them as a family.

1773 days ago


No people Elin is smarter than what you think - this is for Tiger - it is her show to him. Secondly, you will see more of her, looking stronger and maybe happier. She is not dumb.

1773 days ago

London not England    

It's Not a "Victim" Card....
The fact that you do not wish To acknowledge it, does not make it any less true or any less the African American Reality....Sorry.

Oh and guess what...."JIM CROW" Did exist.
We Were Denied access to public bathrooms and restaurants as recently as 1965.
Black people Gained the "Right to Vote" 44 years ago in 1965,
And Slavery "DID" happen.

or is that a "race card" issue also?

1773 days ago
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