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TMZ Live: Elin Emerges, Lohan Jailed & Quaids

12/15/2009 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Harvey and Mike answered your questions on everything today -- including the reemergence of Elin Nordegren, the repairs going on at Tiger's house and how the golfer's alleged mistresses got Mike in trouble with his own wife.

Plus: Michael Lohan goes to jail, why the Evi and Randy Quaid could follow suit, an update on Levin the rescue dog, a debate over Unico's attack on "Jersey Shore" and some info on Elin's pirate boots.

Also -- The real deal about Justin Bieber.


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You referred to the Doctor from Canada and steroids. If he gave them to Tiger after a surgery, than you can't speculate. He might have been on Prednisone, which is a type of steroid. It is widely used after surgery and it is in a group of Steroids. They used them for many reason's so no-one should speculate what "steroids" this Canadian Doctor prescribed Tiger. If his platelet count was low due to the surgery, that is another reason prednisone is HIGHLY used. Also who know's if he doesn't have ITP which attacks the bodies platelets. FYI Love watching you guys.......and I won't wink~~

1743 days ago


Harvey what do you think about the adam lambert kiss i personally as a girl find it just ugly two guys kissing isnt a turn on or even pretty its not a sexist thing i have plenty of gay friends (males) i just think it looked soo ugly!!!! Also what about scientology what do you think about it? I think it is a cult and i think nicole kidman knows that and was lucky to escape it but maybe at a price?

1743 days ago

A victim of high testosteron level    

First Harvey said he's going to sit back and listen to Mike telling his story (about wife being mad at him) but it didn't last long. Does Harvey always have to interrupt everynody? Being Jewish is no excuse ;-) and sometimes it IS annoying. HArvey work your triceps more.

Mike one pizza is OK, actually it may fire your metablism. Just don't eat two or pizza now and then is not a big deal. BAck to your diet and on watd. Check IOL online, Dave Drapers site, very good. Tons of good info there....Who's Dave Drapper? Find out!

Second, the story on Elin's Swedish house you did is totally off. 30 miles in Hollywood but hardly a reliable world wide coverage for TMZ.. ..duh.

These houses in the archipelago are hard to come by especially if you want a certain 'island'---you buy a 'destination, not ahouse and they bought it so that can restore it in a genuine's not like you put in golden Hollywood fixtures in there. In this case you misunderstood the whole thing. Different livestyles.

Stay funny but accurate. Thanks.

1743 days ago

Cool Canuck    

Harvey: Do you think there is a possibility of Tiger taking his own life ? Does he have the capacity to deal with this, being such a private person ? Would he be bigger in death, than in life ?

1743 days ago


wish anna would do tmz live

1742 days ago


To Matt - please educate yourself about MJ's skin disease. He had Vitiligo which makes white blotches on the skin, which he needed to smooth out with make-up until the disease turned him completely white. And now his son Prince has it. Michael was PROUD to be black - see the proof here:

1742 days ago


Harvey, You have said over and over that Tiger is going to make a come back and this is all going to be forgotten like Kobe. I disagree, Kobe was caught on a one nighter with one woman. Tiger on the other hand seems to have had endless affairs, and also put so much effort into his image, way more than Kobe. I don't think this one going away like you think.

1742 days ago


To Mike - NEVER tell another girl you love her, when you are married! Better buy your beautiful wife a bouquet of flowers PRONTO! Please take this advice from women everywhere.

1742 days ago
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