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Jon Gosselin Shot Down in Court over Gunplay

12/17/2009 3:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just one day after Jon Gosselin popped off a .38 on his Pennsylvania property, a judge has already ordered him to holster the weapon.

The PA judge presiding over the Gosselins' divorce laid down the law today, prohibiting Jon from packing heat anywhere near the home he used to happily share with Kate "Bout not to be a Gosselin" Gosselin.

If only Jon had a silencer.


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"Hmmmm...Tiger's getting all the attention these days. Perhaps I'll go shoot a gun where the paps can see".

1680 days ago


I am glad that he is finally being held accountable for his STUPID actions!

1680 days ago


Ever heard of a shooting range? I don't know how many acres he lives on, but with all the people around his house and all the kids...what is this guy doing shooting anything other than a water gun on his property? Dumb as dirt.

1680 days ago


Kate sheeple zombies on Radar already posting Jon going to shoot his self or kate..There a shooting at a apartment in NYC the sheeples saying it could be Jon shooting up the place & hailey kate sheeples zombies are crazy...

1680 days ago


Jon please talk to someone.. about life and your future and the things you are going thr.. You need a level head right now.. Dont go off the deep end.. as my mom used to say

1680 days ago


He keeps finding new depths of stupidity. Thank goodness there's somebody around those kids with some sense, and a judge who was willing to stomp him for it.

1680 days ago

Miss Bu    

# 47. TMZ implied Jon needs a silencer for his MOUTH.

# 53. we are in LOVE with kate like really LOVE

Posted at 4:31PM on Dec 17th 2009 by pevans, miss bu, i love lucy, hannah lightfoot

Listen hear crazy 8 I know you are responsible for this comment you must want to be kicked out of this site also.

1680 days ago


Crazy 8enough, I know you are obsessed with me but you don't have to pretend to be me. I really was your friend when everyone else saw you as a twisted and evil woman. What's wrong with you? Why did you proove the posters @ ROL were right about you?

# 53. we are in LOVE with kate like really LOVE

Posted at 4:31PM on Dec 17th 2009 by pevans, miss bu, i love lucy, hannah lightfoot

Read more:

1680 days ago


Carla-The same ruling would be made if it were anything dangerous where there is any doubt that Jon would take appropriate steps to keep it out of the children's reach.

1680 days ago


Maybe (hopefully) he will shoot himself like that other loser who is in jail right now....what's his name?

1680 days ago


Kate is thankful for her sheeple fans,but she rather each one of u to love your own family...kate would need the puke pans if she knew how some of these women elaborate the lust they have for her..Kate said,"She gets her energy from a lot of PROTEINS&OJ".Gals go find some PROTEINS&OJ it will change your minds toward a man instead of kate..

1680 days ago


When I saw this picture yesterday, I thought is this man ignorant or crazy....I use to work in protective work and this would be grounds for a 51B investigation. It would have been substanciated. Some of the options would have been to remove all 8 kids, a restraining order on him, supervised visits by DCF when he wanted to see his children. If I were Kate I would be hesitant to leave him with the kids...good father he was but now he doesn't use common sense...Everyone is watching!!!

1680 days ago


He has every right to shoot his gun. Good for him for finding an outlet. Go to a gun club, Jon. The whiny bitch can't control you there!

1680 days ago


Okay firstly, given what is going on. Having a gun is just stupid. The man has quite literally lost everything. Thus the potential for him being dangerous that much higher. Plus this is the first time we have seen him with a gun. It's not like this is the norm for this guy. Kate is in the right and is the judge, there could be reasons other than this incident that we are not aware of that could of enforced the judge's decision. Let's hope it's just a publicity stunt, which it could be and get through the holidays without drama.

1680 days ago


When is someone going to 5150 this attention seeking loser.

1680 days ago
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