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Octomom Double Fists While Hitting the Bottle

12/17/2009 2:13 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Demonstrating exactly how not to carry two young babies around, a distracted Octomom, Nadya Suleman, toted two of her spawn down a flight of brick stairs yesterday ... and decided to do it wearing footwear commonly known as "slippers."


The mother-of-many really needs to get a grip.


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She is an attention whore....plain and simple. She had those kids to get a show like Jon & Kate. I wish someone would take those poor kids away from her. They need to be put up for adoption. There are tons of couples out there who would love to have one of those babies. She is a terrible mother anyway.

1749 days ago


Less attention, the more she takes off form cameras. Makeup n mask, those children ARE PROPS. She knows welfare won't taken cause you would have to find someone to take all 14!

TMZ just as trashy for enabling her!

1749 days ago


Shouldn't those babies still be drinking formula? I doubt her pediatrician approved KOOL AID!!!

1749 days ago


is that kool-aid in that bottle? b/c that's waaaaay better than milk right...

1749 days ago


less attention, less cloths next picture. Someone right, mask with makeup?

1749 days ago


say what u want to say about her, she seems like a good mom. I think she needs love and had babies to get it. Wrong thing to do perhaps, but her intentions were good and she seems to be really trying to be a "normal" mom. I only have 1 child myself, but i can promise you I did the "baby in one arm, grocery bags on the other bottle (or pacifier) in my mouth rollers in my hair move on many occasions"
And she is actually a pretty lady in a unique way.

1749 days ago


I've had four kids and they were single babies. How the hell does she have 8 at once and not have extra skin hanging from her stomach to her knees? I want the name of her tummy tuck surgeon.

1749 days ago


Yeah, right. EVERY mother wears her robe open with a facial mask over make-up, new funky slippers and a bottle in her mouth (not with milk in it!) And this is after you guys showed her shopping for sexy lingerie?

Puleeeeze! Get a life, TMZ and get the kids the CPS! No wonder there's no money left for the kids! Oh, but wait!!!! Tax time is coming up! Nutya, have you paid your taxes yet? It's going to be a WHOPPER!

1749 days ago


I'd give her something better, and much, much bigger, to suck on.

1748 days ago


is that pepsi cola in the babies bottle? what a moron.

1748 days ago


How not to carry babies? Whoever wrote that has no idea what it is to have multiples. While really crazy ... havent herad much nonsense about her lately

1748 days ago


Why would you go out of your house looking like that unless you wanted attention? I doubt that she does anything without hoping someone is looking.

1748 days ago


The GRINCH !!!!!

1748 days ago

Lady Z    

Do us all a favor and stop posting on this narcissistic, mentally ill welfare queen. Nobody gives a flying "f" what she does, says or anything else about her. What mother of 14 has time to put a mask on her face? She should stop worrying so much about herself and think about her kids for once in her life. I know that the concept of "put my kids before myself" is not something this selfish pig has ever considered, but it is about time she did. Between her plastic surgery, begging the public for donations, shopping for MAC cosmetics and Tory Burch shoes, getting mani's, pedi's and Starbucks, who has the time to think about the welfare of 14 children????

Oh...and just wonderin' she paid back the great State of Californis ONE DIME for the money she has leeched through food stamps and Medi-Cal????

Didn't think so.

1748 days ago


I kinda think she is hot :/

1748 days ago
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