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Ashton to Brittany: 'See You on the Other Side'

12/20/2009 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ashton Kutcher is already opening up about the death of his ex girlfriend Brittany Murphy, insisting the world "lost a little piece of sunshine."

Ashton kutcher and brittany murphy

Kutcher -- who famously dated Murphy in 2002 when they starred in "Just Married" together -- tweeted, "2day the world lost a little piece of sunshine. My deepest condolences go out to Brittany's family, her husband, and her amazing mother Sharon."

Kutcher added, "See you on the other side kid."

Brittany Murphy & Ashton Kutcher


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Smack Deuce    

That's sad. She was beautiful and had a lot more to do, but I guess it was just her time.

RIP Brit.

You're up there making GOD and all his people laugh.

1765 days ago


Personally, if an ex-boyfriend "eulogized" me like that, I'd be pleased. There's a warm familiarity to the message, despite the fact it's "tweeted". The pictures of the two of them together suggested a lot of laughs and immense fondness for one another. "See you on the other side" is a very common phrase, nothing to get in a knot about. RIP Brittany, you've left this world far, far too young.

1765 days ago

John Edwards the scumbag    

97. "See you on the other side" is a very common phrase, nothing to get in a knot about. RIP Brittany, you've left this world far, far too young.

Posted at 12:53PM on Dec 21st 2009 by Em


It was written and said by Bill Murray's character in 'Ghostbusters." Nuff said

1765 days ago

John Edwards the scumbag    

"See you on the other side?" Is he talking to his dead dog or something? STFU Ashton, you are absolutely disgusting

1765 days ago

John Edwards the scumbag    

See you on the other side. Ok, hopefully its sooner rather than later, for all our sakes!!!

1765 days ago


You will be missed Brittany. I loved all your films especially Just Married. And everybody should stop judging and pointing fingers here. FRIENDS AND FAMILY OF BRITTANY YOU ARE IN MY THOUGHTS.

1765 days ago

John Edwards the scumbag    

Yea, quoting Ghostbusters was definitely a tacky move

1765 days ago

John Edwards the scumbag    

It probably sounded a lot cooler in his head

1765 days ago

Randy A    

Its the 21st century.....thats the way we do everything these quit bashing Ashton....we communicate EVERYTHING via internet and flip out bc someone sends out their condolences that way? thinking he was just trying to be sincere

1765 days ago


It's sad to read all the negative comments about Ashton. Does it really make you the better person by saying the bad things you say. Show respect for her and her family.

1765 days ago


Wow! First and foremost EVERYONE posts blogs about EVERYONE no matter who they are. What business is it of anyone's who posts, where they post, what they post? You do not have an obligation to read it so if it bothers you DO NOT g to sites such as twitter, youtube, so on and so forth. My sympathy to Brittney's family and friends.

1763 days ago


Fiquei chocada com a morte da atriz Brittany tão jovem cheia de vida, gostava do seu jeito moleca e alegre em cena, mas na vida real não sabemos se tinha muitos motivos pra sorrir, desconheçemos sua dor e tristeza.

1758 days ago


You guys are messed up in the head. I mean a man who clearly cared about a woman put himself on the line like that and all you people can do is put him down like a dog. Well in my opinion what he did was admirable. So here is food for though maybe it was the best way he knew to get his message out to the whole world in an instant. Without revealing the true felling he had for brittany.

1757 days ago


How is commenting on the death of a person that you do not know on any better than a person that did know her commenting on Twitter?

1754 days ago


Number 9, Ash is snide towards others who have different opinions than his and Demi. Sorry, in anyone's book they are classless. Hope that serving the BO in the White House is working for them. Meanwhile, we have to drill, baby, drill just so there is fuel for them to jet around the world and drive luxury cars.

1557 days ago
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