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Brittany Murphy's Husband Returns Home

12/20/2009 3:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Simon Monjack, Brittany Murphy's husband, was spotted returning home from the hospital this afternoon.



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thats right    

hey, dont judge the guy. he's not quasimodo. i married a man for love, not looks and we're very happy. who cares about looks? they fade eventually.

1776 days ago


What a fat gross pig. He probably let her die while he was hiding his drugs

1776 days ago


This guy looks like such a fat gutter slob with his fat hairy stomach hanging out. Gross!

1776 days ago


He was a big guy but not this big. remember he had his own health scare recently there could be something medically wrong. Don't be so mean.

1776 days ago


He looks so LOST!! I bet he in her eyes treat her better then what she has ever been & that's ALL that matters is HE MADE HER HAPPY :)

1776 days ago


Well DOODAD, what is his job that he makes so much money? I never heard of him. She prob made more $$$ than him & it will prob come out that he had something to do with her death.

1776 days ago


Also known as Con-jack, Simon Monjack is a British screenwriter and the husband of Brittany Murphy. This fool is one screwed up guy.

Rumors and accounts from our readers suggest he is a "tremendous" con artist and possible criminal. Regardless, Simon Monjack and Brittany Murphy seem happy for some reason. Hey, they've already lasted 10 months, which is like an eternity in Hollywood. In fact, he and Brittany have kept relatively quiet since news of their surprise marriage hit the celebrity news media in early 2007.

1776 days ago


I dont get the comments, it does'nt matter how the guy looks,
he lost his wife, and that is heartbreaking.

1776 days ago


I cannot beLIEVE she married that nasty fat slob of a blob of a gross man. And now he gets all her money, royalties, residuals, etc. I anxiously await the final word on what killed her. It's really a shame. RIP.

1776 days ago


This is what someone wrote on this Simon Monjack's profile page on IMDb, right around the same time Brittany married him, so it is plausible they both married each other for money:

Thu Jul 5 2007 06:51:11
I have backed several of this charlatan's projects in Cyprus. Now my Cypriate contacts tell me he has run off with a cool US $6,000,000 of their investment and US $16,000,000 of mine.

Please contact me if you have any knowledge of the whereabouts of this vile fellow.

- Arturo Globenfeldt

1776 days ago


Shame on TMZ for leaving such vulgar comments posted when this man just lost his wife! I am disgusted by them and the people that left them.

1776 days ago


Wow How shallow can you all be. Pull Your Heads out. This man just lost his wife, Regaurdless of how she passed she passed. And WHAT gives u any right to judge him on the way that he looks. They Loved each other, They where husband and Wife. Give the Man a Break. GROW UP!!

1776 days ago


It just sparks my curiosity a bit when earlier this month her husband was rushed to the hospital for not breathing and now she is dead just 2 weeks after his incident. Love Brittany a lot but it just stands to reason that maybe drugs played a factor. My heart and prayers go out to her family.

1776 days ago


Yeah be mean... THAT is what shock looks like people, the man just lost his wife , think about it, there are probably gifts wrapped under the tree from her to him.. my God, how will he cope? At least her Mom is in town they can help one another, so sad.

1776 days ago


First, I am so sorry for the Murphy family at their shocking and tragic loss. My prayers and thoughts are with you and the rest of your family.

Second, some of you people who leave some of the nastiest comments about the dead and their griving family are some of the vilest pieces of trash to ever exist. It must be easy being such creeps hising and cowarding behind a computer screen that none of you would have the gutts to say it in real life to the family at this time. Even if you believe it was drugs or anorexia or that her husband does not pass your shallow test of compatability have a little bit of respect (and class) for the dead and their family at this time until we know all the details.

R.I.P Britney Murphy. May God give you peace from this crazy world we live in.

1776 days ago
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