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Brittany Murphy's Husband Returns Home

12/20/2009 3:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Simon Monjack, Brittany Murphy's husband, was spotted returning home from the hospital this afternoon.



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Better Than You    

Poor Simon Monjack.

His cash cow wife is dead. Now he'll have to go get a real job.

1712 days ago


102. Aurelia, you're just a gold-digging whore in denial, so shut up you kuhnt.

Posted at 5:46PM on Dec 20th 2009 by Caca

Jealous and envious, are you Caca? Have a nice day -- I am having a nice day. I love my life.

1712 days ago


well i didnt expect the TMZ crowd to be ones to ponder about lifes mysteries or things of greater substance.

1712 days ago



1712 days ago


wow. all u losers who are dumping all over her husband are pieces of s@#t. He just lost his wife. How the hell would u feel? oh wait, u wouldnt feel anything apparantly. you should just go kill yourselves and do the world a favor. bunch of go@#amn worthless losers.

1712 days ago

jennifer griola    

Folks there is SO much more to life than critiquing someone's body after their spouse dies. I'm hoping the responses I'm reading are because most of TMZ's audience are 19 year old drunk idiots that understand nothing about life. But really, once you have kids and have had friends and parents die you realize, 'hmmm, maybe it's time to get out of my shallow-ass cocoon and care about myself & my family more and less about who weighs 250lbs!'

1712 days ago

Better Than You    

This is punishment for making a movie with that d-bag Eminem.

1712 days ago


Wow. I am glad I don't have friends like most of the posters on here. Cold and shallow.

1712 days ago


I wonder if his name was left on all of her assets....let's all be realistic....why wouldn't you want an autopsy done on your extremely young wife unless you knew there was going to be something found in there that you didn't want anyone to know, like her family, police, estate lawyers......

1712 days ago


man he is fugly!!!!

1712 days ago


jeeeeezus. What a SLOB. He probably killed her. Otherwise he would insist on an autopsy to find out what killed her. Disgusting.

1712 days ago


Well if i had to take an educated guess i would say this guy was the drug supplier.....Why else would he not want an autopsy performed.....Hes gonna end up in jail for murder when its all said and done....Guaranteed.

R.I.P. Brittany

1712 days ago


Maybe if you were to Google his name and see pictures, he's not ugly. Plus, it's not all about looks, just because a guy is drop dead gorgeous doesn't mean that he will treat a woman right. Just let him grieve in peace.

1712 days ago


this is so depressing. I'm sure that many are as surprised as I am of her passing. Yes cardiac arrest at 32 is very uncommon, especially is a tiny little thing like her.
No, not all women are attracted to money and money only. I have always believed myself to be able to take care of myself first before jumping into a someone's life and expect them to care for me. She had money, she probably didn't need to marry him for money. Its all too sad. I'm praying for her and her family at this time.
Whoever the heck this bmwjacks guy is, I'd like to seriously kick you in the nuts for advertising yourself as single on a site that IS NOT MEANT FOR DATING...Seriously buddy? She died! She had a heart attack (which is probably the most painful way to suffer a human being can encounter) Perhaps you're single because you do inconciderate things like post a dating advertisement on a website meant for blogging about grieving for the loss of someone people cared about. Grow yourself some balls, get your head out of your ass and keep the advertisements for PEOPLE WHO ARE LOOKING for that sort of thing. Have some respect and leave the use for this blog for those who are grieving the loss of someone they felt was special, NOT so you can get laid...

1712 days ago

I'm actually better than you    

He looks like a fat pig. He is ugly. How could she marry such a fat slob?

1712 days ago
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