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Britney Spears Will Stay Put for Now

12/22/2009 11:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears will remain under the watchful eye of her father --

The judge didn't specify how long the conservatorship will remain in place, but lawyers involved in the matter tell TMZ they expect it to last somewhere between six months to a year.

TMZ has learned action may be taken next month to begin the process of bringing the conservatorship to an end -- at least part of it.

Britney's dad, Jamie Spears, will continue to receive a $16,000-a-month payment for his duties. Andrew Wallet -- the co-conservator -- was also granted a $174,569.10 payment for services rendered between July 2009 and November 2009.

The judge also authorized Britney's conservatorship to kick out close to $300,000 in attorney's fees.

The next hearing is set for January 14th.


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This is so sad. This is exactly why Britney has gotten to this stage in her life. If my daughter ran into the problems Britney did during her "meltdown", I would do what Daddy Spears did...but for FREE. I would love my daughter and she would not have to pay me a dime for being her MOTHER. Looks like Mr. Spears is only interested in having an income off of his daughter, just like Britney's brother, and formerly her mother. That whole family is a disgrace, milking that poor girl for all she's worth since she was little. Last time I heard, Daddy Spears was a "personal chef" for some people in Hollywood. I can't imagine it had paid as much as this gig. K-Fat is no better. He knew early on that he wanted Britney's money too, so can you blame Britney for feeling "paranoid" if everyone really is out to get her? She has not one single person she can trust, not even her own freaking family, unless there is $$$ involved. Very sad situation indeed, and Daddy should be ashamed of himself asking for so much money...

1733 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Once again... here come the TMZ losers out from under every rock.

a) Britany cannot and will not EVER be able to wipe her own a$$.
2) If you think that her father enjoys getting paid to monitor Britany's every move... you are nuts. It is a thankless job to BALANCE the needs of an adult woman - who behaves like a 2 year old.

As you know... every 2-bit loser in town knows that they can scam her - what - that last chump Adnon or Sam or whoever, "advised" her to purchase like 7 new Mercedes?? A new Mercedes to drive for everyday of the week... or a new Mercedes for all of these jerk's friends???

I have a 26 year old daughter... EXTREMELY talented as well, but OH MY FREAKIN GOD, let some 2-bit jerk waltze into her life on a random Tuesday... and that same jerk will be controlling her life by Wednesday morning at 9 AM.

And spare me the lectures that these stupid woman are few and far between. Yeah. Right Sure. Whatever you say. They all have sh1t in their brains.

And let me tell you.

I wish I got paid to babysit my adult daughters because IT IS A THANKLESS FULL TIME JOB.

1733 days ago


Hey Fred Farkel RE: "Once again... here come the TMZ losers out from under every rock".

Sorry to say this pal but if you had been a better father your daughter wouldn't have so many issues. I gotta say, YOU sound like the biggest loser out there and I feel sorry for your daughter to have to deal with such a narrow minded A$$ wipe like yourself.

All women have sh1t for brains?
FU pal..your daughter never had a chance with a idiot like you for a DAD.

1733 days ago


"FU pal..your daughter never had a chance with a idiot like you for a DAD.

Posted at 8:58AM on Dec 23rd 2009 by Whamo"

OFT. If parents like Mr. Spears knew how to instill better morals and values into his daughter, instead of just being selfish, and focusing on his -own- needs, then his daughter wouldn't have ended up like this. So many children with selfish parents who think that having a kid just involves "keeping them in line" instead of actually garnishing attention towards them during their formative years and loving them unconditionally, regardless of age or income, develop many behavioral problems, especially later on in life. Mr. Spears chooses to exploit his daughter the same way he has always done since her childhood, and yet society wonders why we have degraded so much

1733 days ago


"If you think that her father enjoys getting paid to monitor Britany's every move... you are nuts. It is a thankless job to BALANCE the needs of an adult woman - who behaves like a 2 year old."

Would you like a medal? No one asked you to bring children into this world. To be a father was YOUR decision, whether intentional or not, therefore YOU are only to blame for your daughter's issues. Quit trolling this board.

1733 days ago

Mike Hunt    

Her white trash leach of a father gets paid $16K a month to babysit his retarded daughter. Why aren't these hillbillies sterilized at birth?

1733 days ago


For those who do not know they were actually trying to end her Conservatorship , her family was all for it and they were trying to get it done with by Christmas and get Britney sole custody of her boys which Kevin himself was all for, it was what he wanted from the start and he himself said he believes the boys belong with Britney and his child support would also be stopping, that's why he has been trying so hard to get work because he wants to support the kids on his own and he thought Britneys Conservatorship was going to end but apparently the judge did not think she was ready for it to end and extended it.

I feel bad for Britney, she has worked very hard and has done everything she was suppose to and she really deserved to get her life back and into her control.

People can say what they want about her and sit here and bash her all they want but to me I look at you as nothing more then some immature and ignorant people. Yes Britney feel from grace for a while but she was quick to get back up with the help of her family, how many celebs do you know who have fell from grace and years later are still doing wrong no matter who tries to help them? Britney has been taking advantage alot in her life and when she had her melt down she was being drugged by her then manager Sam Lutufi which was even proven in court which is why there is a restraining order in place against him and criminal charges are pending against him.

1733 days ago


57 And exactly where do you get yor info from ???? The net??? Just like everybody else?? She dosent stand a chance of "Getting her kids back" The longer they are with their dad FULL TIME, her chances become lower and lower. Judges dont rip kids from STABLE homes just to give crazy mommy another try. Sorry, thats NOT how it works. Some of you people need to pull your head out of your ass. Shes a loon. Get used to it.

1733 days ago


Probably the best for now. I love how far she has come especially reuniting with her boys, I'm happy for her. Good to see that she will have a Merry Christmas with her two boys. Maybe she can get a better custody arrangement with her boys.

1733 days ago


When you are bashing her Dad, lets not forget, Britney was spending more money then she was making before dad stepped in. The money that dad is getting is well spent. He has increased her bank account substantially. Womanizer was her first number one in years. Dad has pulled her together. I think if he had not, she would be possibly dead now

1733 days ago

for now    

Without her parents and attorneys helping her,
she would probably not be alive today.
They and others have saved her life.
The conservatorship is necessary,at least for a few more years.
Their salaries are not that much.

1733 days ago


How can people say that "she's doing so good"..Psychiatrists and judges know that she is not doing good. They may know that she will never get free. Her dad, of course, is telling her that he is trying to get her off of this, even if he isn't. Her life is the worst life ever. They just prop her up and make her look like she is o.k.

1733 days ago

Woo Hoo!!!!    

For crying out loud, give the girl her damn life back! It's been almost 2 years since this conservatorship started and she hasn't done anything wrong in that time. And why the f*ck can't she do whatever she wants with HER money? Are they gonna keep her in a cage for the rest of her life?

If I were her, I would refuse to work anymore until I had control of my money again. I wouldn't just be working so everyone else could take my money.

1733 days ago


She seems to be doing well. Maybe another six months to a year-why rock the boat?

1733 days ago


This is SICK! They're milking her for money, ALL of them and she's stuck in the middle and can't get out! GEEZ! And what's that pathetic exuse of a boyfriend of hers? He doesn't lift a finger to help her. Wouldn't be surprised if even HE is paid off!

1732 days ago
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