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FBI On International Hunt Against Jackson

12/22/2009 2:46 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

FBI On International Hunt Against JacksonThe FBI apparently went around the world trying to make a case against Michael Jackson for alleged child molestation.

According to documents just released by the FBI, in 1993 the LAPD and Santa Barbara County Sheriff's deputies "Plan to travel to Manila, Philippines... for the purpose of interviewing (names deleted) concerning their knowledge of accusations against Michael Jackson of sexual abuse of young boys."

We know the people sought to be interviewed were a man and woman who had worked at Neverland from 1988 - 1990 and allegedly witnessed molestation.

According to docs, an FBI special agent was involved in the Manila trip.

And another doc states a legal attache for the U.S. Embassy in London was sending information back home regarding sexual misconduct by Jackson in England ... specifically, a phone call to a teenage boy.


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That is NOT a picture of Michael... that is an old white lady.

1735 days ago


The FBI went around the world trying to find something on Michael. They found nothing. That speaks volumes. The man and woman who worked at Neverland from 1988-1990 and allegedly witnessed molestation were Mark and Faye Quindoi. They quit Neverland because they wanted more money and Michael wouldn't give it to them. They were out for revenge and money. Come on. If they really witnessed anything, would they not have reported it as it was happening? Why wait three years??

1735 days ago

a fan    

The FBI is really sick.

1735 days ago


ehm nr. 1 and 6, his face is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!

1735 days ago


32. The LAPD and FBI couldn't get him in 2005 but they can now! For


Now they should be on the International HUNT FOR MICHAEL JACKSON!

Go get him Boys!

Posted at 1:25PM on Dec 22nd 2009 by Round him up


He's at Forest Lawn in the Great Mausoleum

1735 days ago


Harvey and everyone at TMZ- thanks for summarizing the FBI files for the people who won't read them. I just finished reading through all of them and it makes me sick what people were trying to do to Michael. The FBI went all over the world trying to find evidence and came up with NONE. Michael was innocent- he would never hurt anyone, let alone a child. It makes me said what people will do for money. Michael we love you and know you were innocent!

1735 days ago


This information in this story is OLD NEWS. In the research we did in learning about Michael, we found out about this couple at least 4-5 months ago.

Looking for some real news please.

1735 days ago


35. You'd better lay off the cool aid. That MJ was a pedophile is an established matter of fact, both in and outside the context of the trials. If MJ hadn't had the money to intimidate witnesses and buy star attorney's he'd be in prison on the receiving end of what he dished out to little boys over the years.

Posted at 1:32PM on Dec 22nd 2009 by Tanisha

Established? The only person who is drinking KOOL AID (learn to spell it correctly if you're going to use humor) is you due to the fact that the man was found not guilty and there was no evidence, even Chandler couldn't describe his genitals properly, that Michael Jackson was a pedophile but there are facts that prove that the Chandlers AND the Arvisos lived off the generosity of Michael Jackson and even abused their friendship with him to gain more for themselves, and when Michael wanted to end their friendship, only then did they come up with phony allegations about him.

Get educated on the subject you're speaking about. Or better yet, STFU!

1735 days ago


Please god, bring it to an end and take care of our sweet, poor Michael.

1735 days ago


Tom Sneddon had a real hard on for Michael Jackson. He spent tax payers money going after this man and for what? He was obsessed with him. These files probably only tell a fraction of what Michael had to endure.

I for one will tell you that I don't believe that he is dead. I don't care if any of you feel that way or not. That is my own personal feelings about it.

If he is alive somewhere on this planet, more power to him. Personally, I would love to see him rub it in that coke bottled eyed Tom Sneddon's face who's personal vendetta against Michael.
After all he did he proved nothing because there was nothing to prove. As I have said hundreds of times here, NO MOTHER in her right mind would take money from MIchael or anyone if there child was molested. THERE IS NO AMOUNT OF MONEY FROM ANY PERSON ON EARTH TO RIGHT THAT WRONG! I SAID IT LOUD SO ALL OF YOU COULD HEAR ME. I WOULD MOVE HEAVEN AND HELL TO SEE YOU PUNISHED FOR HARMING MY CHILD IF THIS WAS DONE! don't care how famous you are.
That being said... If The Chandler family took money knowing their child was molested, that makes them sick.

1735 days ago



1735 days ago


I'm guessing the reason the FBI was involved at all was because Tom Sneddon went out of the country on a witch hunt. California's justice system doesn't have jurisdiction worldwide.
If he had done anything there would have been some piece of evidence left behind, and it doesn't look like there was.
Read up on Sneddon, MJ is not the first person he's tried to railroad.

1735 days ago


How could they have let Sicko Jacko get away with molesting so many boys. Outrageous. Glad he's dead and can't do it any more.

1735 days ago

mjfan 4ever    

You people call yourselves journalists? You are nothing but tabloid trash!!There isn't anything in those files that hasn't already been in the news,and there is ONLY one side of it,why are you making such a big deal out of these files.EVERYONE knows about the ex-employees that testified against Michael.Turns out they were attested themselves for stealing,real credible witnesses they had there.

1735 days ago


TMZ this is how you report, no sensationalism

The FBI released today some 300 pages on Michael Jackson.

Much of it is a 200-page report from 1992 detailing a crazed stalker who threatened to kill President George H.W. Bush and commit mass murder. The stalker was obsessed with Jackson as well as John Gotti. He was eventually arrested.

The rest of it has to do with the attempt in 2003-06 by Santa Barbara District Attorney Tom Sneddon to try Jackson on child molestation and conspiracy. As everyone knows, Jackson was acquitted in June 2005 after 20 months of hell.

Interestingly, in this FBI file, the notes written indicate that nothing of note was found on Jackson’s computers to convict him.

There are also files from the 1993-94 investigation into child molestation. One interesting note from an FBI officer concerns a Toronto woman who worked in children’s services. She purported to have traveled on the same train as Jackson and his entourage to the Grand Canyon from Chicago. Jackson and his staff got in California and took four compartments. Accompanying Jackson was then-12-year-old Jordan Chandler. The witness said the two seemed extremely close, and that she was concerned about noises coming out of their compartment.

The report says that Jackson had with him a minor boy of 12 or 13 who was identified as Michael’s “cousin.” “Jackson was very possessive of boy at night,” wrote the officer. “(The witness) heard questionable noises through wall.”

But much of the FBI reports released today are adminstrative. Much of the material has been redacted so no names appear. Many of the pages are just copies of newspaper and British tabloid stories about Jackson, most of which weren’t true in the first place.

1735 days ago
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