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Barack Obama Involved in Radio Cover Up

12/23/2009 2:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

He's taking heat from all sides, but Barack Obama still found time to play a joke on the Governor of Virginia during a live radio show yesterday -- calling in as "Barry from DC."

The alias worked and totally caught Gov. Tim Kaine off guard ... though the President could've mustered up a little more energy after the surprise twist.


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we actually have people calling the prez stupid LOL,, and at the same time they praise sarah palin LOL,,,,,,,,thats the problem wit this country stupid dumb asses that actually exist in this country,, we make a step forward and take two back by electing G.W,, and now we're on the right track,, but don't worry in 8 years we will have SARAH PALIN as president and do it all over again,,, TAKE A LOOK IN THE MIRROR ''YES'' thats u who voted for G.W AND S.P FOR PRESIDENT,and ''YES'' u are a RETARD

1731 days ago


7. "I can't believe how negative and hateful the Republican party has been toward our new Commander and Chief."

Posted at 12:38AM on Dec 23rd 2009 by usa today

ummm, it is "Commander-in-chief" you stupid f*ckin piece of sh*t !!!
please take your life now. thank you !!!

1731 days ago


All of you guys are armchair elitist, get over yourselves and deal with it. Nothing is going to change.

1731 days ago

Bring 'Em Young    

It's great seeing Virginia turning Democrat

1731 days ago

Bring 'Em Young    

It's great watching Virginia turn Democrat

1731 days ago


Obviously, a lot of Americans are having a difficult time right now and couldn't help blaming the president for their hardships. Keep this in mind guys, you couldn't expect to undo the financial crisis ASAP when it has been years in the making.

1731 days ago


Wow, there's our tax dollars hard at work. I don't know how he finds time to run the country in between radio jokes, hula-hooping on the White House lawn and playing with Star Wars light sabers on the lawn too. Heck, let's just sit back and watch and wait until China takes us over!

1731 days ago

Joe Jackson is illiterate    

All you ignorant haters who hate Barack ...You must know his intelligence is far superior to Bush's; he is brilliant; the USA has not seen a man so brilliant since Clinton. No, but you wanted the dunce, Ms Palin. You are really all idiots who have not got over your hatred for people not white. You all are the real Nazis!
God bless barak and his family

PS. It was a wonderful gesture to call Gov. Kane and say "Thanks" for his support. No other Prez has worked as hard as this guy, so to take 2 mins out to call a friend, what's the problem? You are really all idiots; next Barak must put some more money in education so all you idiots can go back to school!

1731 days ago

Joe Jackson is illiterate    

All you idiots who cannot accept the fact that Barak is prez, I pity you cause THIS IS HOW IT IS! The dunce war-mongering Bush is out, and the even duncer Palin is too!
This country has not seen a more brilliant prez since Clinton! The man is brilliant and articulate!

You neo nazis such as Glen Beck, Rush and Hannity who can't get over the fact that the prez is not lilly white, need to begin accepting it because he is going to be here for at least the next 4 years! This is the hardest-working prez we have had in decades. Why didn't you all try to stop Bush from running the US into the ground? Taking 2 mins to thank someone on the air for his support is just a nice thing to do. All you stpid a***oles go get an education and learn to reason, BO has more intelligence in his little finger than the 2 Bushes, McCain and Palin combined!

1731 days ago


Obama is a fraud at best!

1731 days ago


I'm not exactly sure what the "joke" was. Unless it was having the listeners hear two minutes of the mutual admiration society french kiss and toss each other's salad over the phone. Glad to know that with over 10% unemployment, the highest national deficit ever, record foreclosures and a health bill that will ruin the country, the President has time to call in to a chat show. He probably had his tech people tape it and has it on a running loop piped into his bedroom to give himself a chubby so that he can please the wife.

1731 days ago


Dear "USA Today"; You and your "friends all over the world" need to do a websearch to find the media clip with Obama where Russian heads of state REFUSED to shake Obama's hand. I guess that goes to show how the international community feels about YOUR prez. And Yes, Palin is a complete idiot. #17... I totally agree with you and as for #26/27, STOP WITH THE F'ING RACE CARD ALREADY!!!! That is so old! You have nothing better to do except cry "Racist"?! PLEASE!!!

1731 days ago


Im a registered republican and have always been, I am 100% behind President Obama. He is doing a great job cleaning up the mess, that the former President left him. I do like George Bush and his family very much so and they are good people. but lets get real and quit looking at party and look at the real situation. President bush did leave a big mess of things and it will take Obama a while to fix all of this.
I do not feel He is arrogant in any way at all, I actually see him as very educated and a very humble about all of this.
As far as him playing with his girls on the white house lawn, he is first and for most a dad and a husband and then president. I love it that he fits in those special moments with his girls and his staff! He strikes me as some one who can see both sides of things. He knows what it is like to be poor and struggle with a single mom that he had, and he did work hard to get his education and to rise above the situation life handed him. I applaud our President and all the efforts he has put into his job. I see nothing wrong with him calling into that radio show.
Palin and McCain were two big jokes.

1731 days ago

Speech Teacher    

Uh, uh, um, well that, uh, was very mundane and uh, um, boring. I get tired, uh, just waiting, uh, for him to, uh, um, complete a sentence.

1731 days ago


If you hate the man's policies, that's one thing. But if you hate the man, he makes your stomach turn, etc, part of the problem is racism on your part. It's been classified by some folks as a mental disease, and I think rightly so. The sooner you admit it (Kathleen), the sooner you can receive the help you need.

1731 days ago
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