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TMZ Live: Woods, Murphy & Complete Chaos

12/23/2009 2:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Harvey and Mike answered your questions on everything today -- until things seemed to go a little haywire.

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Before the interruption: Seacrest spotted with alleged Tiger mistress, Susan Sarandon & Tim Robbins split, "domestic violence" and Courtney Love ... and Brittany Murphy's home added to Hollywood death tour.

Plus: Dax proves he's a Jew -- and special shout-outs to all 35 TMZ Live viewers!


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I just looked through the photos of Tom Cruise on your website. I'm probably the last one in the world to realize that Mr. Cruise in all probability has had plastic surgery on his face. He looks nice although he seems to be trying to turn himself into Pierce Brosnan!

1734 days ago

you make me hate you web    

Submit your funny pets!

1734 days ago


Harvey: I think Tiger's asking for custody of the children because it will make him look like a man with "scruples" again, perhaps an attempt to take a first step back up on his pedestal.


1734 days ago



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1734 days ago


Harvey, how to you manage your work schedual being tmz in california and peoples court in new york?

1734 days ago


Now I've had it with Harvey and Mike. "Maybe Conrad Murray was a REALLY good doctor, and then he met Michael Jackson and everything went crazy, because people sometimes get that way near celebrities"??

wtf? MJ had the evil eye, or what?
A really, really good doctor says flatly no to such an assignment. Period. And if he is at his wit's end and takes it anyway, he doesn't kill the patient out of pure neglicence. Murray is not just not really good, he isn't even acceptably good.

And "I think they HAD some evidence in the molestation case, but maybe not enough to put it forward"???

Guys - they threw everything they had on MJ, because they really, really wanted him down, and as the trial went south, they needed every tidbit.

This is too shallow and careless. You can't expect too much from a gossip site - or anything, to be frank - but there should be some limits to the stupidness, at least research-wise.

I don't really care if tmz doesn't like MJ for various reasons (maybe they just hate the moonwalk or fedoras), but their lack of objectivity is just too much.

1734 days ago


Harvey & Mike look like a "Biggest Loser" before & after picture. Mike's not a loser in any weigh! Sorry... that wasn't nice.

1734 days ago


Due that this year is been weird about the death of too many young stars (Michael,Farrath,Patrick the dude in the learjet etc, ARe you planing to make a special episode in memorial of all this great people ,I mean before the end of the year? a TMZ special episode?

1734 days ago


why did they take brittany;s body to the cemetary and not her head?

1734 days ago


Will the autopsy reveal if Brittany Murphy's death was caused by an eating disorder?

1734 days ago


Okay, I have relentlessly searched for photos of Harvey Levin shirtless to no avail. For all of us otter muscle lovers, PLEASE LIFT UP YOUR SHIRT! With much love, Felix

1734 days ago


Can you send me 2,000 dollars so I can hang with Snooki?

1734 days ago


Does the release of Jackson's FBI file shed any further insight into the veracity of the various molestation accusations made against him?

1734 days ago


Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed have been together over twenty years and they're not married. I'd say that's a success.

1734 days ago


OK not current here......

BUt any word on tupac ?? anyone seen him anywhere ? cuba? anywhere this year?

1734 days ago
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