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James Cameron in Major A-Hole Dispute

12/25/2009 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

James Cameron -- the guy who directed "Avatar" -- directed a few choice words at an autograph seeking fan last night -- calling the guy a "f**king a**hole" during an argument over a signature.

It all went down at LAX -- when James walked past a man holding an "Avatar" poster, and refused to sign. The man went back to Cameron and asked again to which James replied, "I don't owe you a f**king signature ... just get out of my f**king personal space."

That's when the fan lost it and replied, "I'm an asshole because I ask someone I admire for their autograph that makes me an a**hole? I make $15-an-hour at work to go see your film and I'm an a**hole?"

Ultimately, James calmly walked away from the situation while the fan continued to yell at him.

But the real question...


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Good for the guy. It's about time someone stood up to celebrities who think their Sh*t don't stink because they make millions oh excuse me, BILLIONS of dollars. You know what, you were a nobody once upon a time too.

1765 days ago


This was clearly a setup. Why would a guy have an Avatar poster at the airport? How did the guy know about James Cameron flight? And isn't it convenient there was a video of this supposed confrontation. Get the "fans" name and you will find out he is a professional paparazzi.

1765 days ago


I voted both. James definitely started being an a-hole first but the guy should have just walked away instead of stooping to Cameron's level.

Neither the guy nor his lame blue cat monster movie were worth getting upset over, imo.

1765 days ago


Wow ... my entire family and I were going to see "Avatar" on Christmas Day. NO EFFIN' WAY NOW!! You're an a-hole, James Cameron! Eff you, and the horse you rode in on. Remember who made you, ingrateful bastard.

1765 days ago


The guy is a major major jerk (Cameron). Just ask Linda Hamilton. I had never heard the Kate Winslet story before. But you know actors/actresses never talk about this stuff because they have to work in the industry and you start bad mouthing people (directors) and you're black listed. So they just talk about how talented, blah, blah, blah. Take their money to the bank, and they're done. It's up to the movie goers to decide whether or not they want to put money in Cameron's pocket or not.

1765 days ago

Zebedee Doodah    

The comment by "Conebanger" (12:44 pm) is right on target. People don't just wander through the airport with a movie poster hoping to run into a famous director. He was there as a stalker and he was going to put that poster on EBay in the hope of making big money. Cameron is right - he doesn't owe that man anything other than making sure he gets his money's worth when paying to see one of Cameron's movies.

And to those who don't agree - you haven't seen some of these autograph hounds who descend on celebrities with fifteen-or-so pictures, wanting all of them signed. They're NOT fans - THEY'RE IN BUSINESS!

1765 days ago


That just made up my mind. I was debating as to whether I wanted to spend the money to go see this movie and now I know. AIN"T NO WAY!!! I guess I'm not as "WELL OFF" as James is and I don't want to be a contributor to a "Child" I can find lots of other uses for my hard earned money.

1765 days ago


What POS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1765 days ago


The so called fan is out of line. He was refused an autograph and continued to harass Cameron.

1765 days ago

MJ is ♥    

I didn't know who James was until I saw this video. His movie looks stupid and, he doesn't appreciate the people who give him his riches.

What a mean person..

1765 days ago


Wow, regardless if the guy was a fan or not James Cameron is truly am a**hole for doing that.

1765 days ago


F**K You James! I was going to go see your movie tonight but not anymore. Stick your billion dollars up your a$$. Can't take one second to sign an autograph. You are the king of the world in your own mind but garbage in the minds of everyone else.

1765 days ago


James Cameron...I'm King of the F------ A-------!!!!!!!!!

The guy just wanted an autograph one guy,if you does sell it on Ebay he is not going to get much for it so just sign the paper and say thank you. I decided along time ago that Cameron is a total jerk and that I would never watch a movie of his again. I will not give a person like that my money. Avatar, whats Avatar?
Cameron treat the people who made you rich with some respect!

Not A Fan

1765 days ago


I totally agree with #15. 2 seconds for a signature and a hand shake... I won't be wasting my money. They guy needs to get a clue that those who pay his bills deserve some respect. What is wrong with people anymore. If he didn't want to be bothered he should get a different job!

1765 days ago


After watching this I just changed my movie viewing plans for Christmas. Let us not forget Cameron is the "King of the World". We can't be too hard on him however, God has already paid him back with that haircut. What a loser.

1765 days ago
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